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Escape From Tarkov “Communication Difficulties” Quest Guide

Communication Difficulties is a quest in Escape From Tarkov, given by Ragman. The quest obscures the alleged and upcoming trader to Escape From Tarkov, which will be available in-game. Sadly, the road is still not open, and his security guards it quite heavily.

Escape From Tarkov “Communication Difficulties” Quest Details

Communication Difficulties Quest Image

Quest Dialogue

Hey, what’s up. Listen, can you help me out with some stuff? There are rumors that a new trader settled right on the lighthouse island at the cape, and he’s got some serious guards with him, like some presidential security. I wanna establish communication with that guy, to cooperate, to make deals, well, you know what I mean. Can you go and contact him and check out the situation? If something doesn’t go according to the plan, then come back to me right away, okay? Alright, see ya, brother.


  • Recon the area around the Lighthouse


  • +9000 XP
  • ~40,000
  • +0.02 Reputation with Ragman
  • Unlocks the purchase of Camelbak Tri-Zip assault backpack

Reward Dialogue

What an adventure for your ass, that’s for sure! Looks like our salesman is not ready to talk business. Alright, I’ll think of something.

Escape From Tarkov Communication Difficulties Quest Guide

Ok, so this quest asks you to go to Lighthouse, the new map added with patch 0.12.12. The place you need to go is heavily guarded by snipers, so make your steps cautiously. If you cross the line and deem yourself a potential danger, you will be struck and mowed down until you get out of range. But first, this is where you need to go:

As you can see in the image above, the quest location is southeast on the map, on the road leading to the Lighthouse itself.


  • Make sure you’re at full stamina.
  • Use a painkiller before running deeper towards the Lighthouse.
  • Run just past the rock on the right of the truck, you will get shot at.
  • Run back where you came from and try to outrange the snipers.
  • Carry a Survival Kit or CMS to repair the lost limbs.

For a better explanation, check the video below:

Good luck, and I hope you escape without severe pain and damages.

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