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Escape From Tarkov “Energy Crisis” Quest Guide

Energy Crisis is a quest in Escape From Tarkov, given by Mechanic. The quest requires players to visit Lighthouse and mark the fuel tanks. There are four fuel tanks in total, so players will need 4 MS2000 Markers.

Escape From Tarkov Energy Crisis Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Energy Crisis Quest Image

Energy Crisis Quest Dialogue

Hey friend, I could use some help. It takes an incredible amount of energy to sustain my current activities, especially considering my farm, the one you helped me with resources for. I usually order fuel from other sources, but unfortunately, there is no way to contact the supplier at the moment. Do you think there are still unexhausted fuel tanks left somewhere? I think there should have been something left in the cape area. Can you check it out, mercenary?


  • Find and mark the group of fuel tanks with an MS2000 Marker on Lighthouse
  • Find and mark the first tanker truck with an MS2000 marker on Lighthouse
  • Find and mark the second tanker truck with an MS2000 marker on Lighthouse
  • Find and mark the third tanker truck with an MS2000 marker on Lighthouse


  • +13,000 XP
  • ~78,000 Roubles
  • +0.02 reputation with Mechanic
  • Unlocks the purchase of FN SCAR-L 5.56×45 assault rifle (FDE) Contract Wars

Reward Dialogue

Great, mercenary. This information opens up many possibilities for me. I’ll gather people to collect the fuel. Thank you very much, friend.


As we said in the starting sentence, the quest asks you to go on a raid in Lighthouse, the newest location added in the game with patch 0.12.12. The map is really good-looking and fun to play on. However, the Rogues are not. They are not a joke and you will need a serious approach whenever you’re about to enter the Water Treatment Plant.

Required Items

  • 4x MS2000 Marker

Without further ado, take a look at all of the locations in the image below:

  1. The tanks are located at the northwestmost side of the map, inside the train station.
  2. Next to the fuel tanks, there is one of the trucks that can be marked. The fuel tanks contain the following writing: “ОГНЕОПАСНО”.
  3. The next Truck is located Next to Building “3” in the Water Treatment Plant, and it’s considered as one of the toughest to do. Therefore, clear the machine gunners first before you make an entrance.
  4. The last Truck is just outside of the Water Treatment Plant, on the southeast entrance. The Truck is in the very middle of the intersection on the road.

For better overview, take a look at the images below:

Hopefully, this will help finish Energy Crisis easier!

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