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Escape From Tarkov “The Extortionist” Quest Guide

The Extortionist is a quest in Escape From Tarkov available at Skier at Level 7.

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Quest Image

The Extortionist Dialogue

Kinda busy right now! Although… Hang on a sec. There is an urgent matter. There was a firefight about an hour ago in the garages across the river. Just where my errand boy was headed. To hell with him, he was a total moron anyway. But he had with him one particular key. A mighty complex key, I might add. To the door that can be freaking anywhere, you know? This clown was delivering one very valuable thing to me. The bastard hid it somewhere and locked it with this arsetormenting key and came to me to talk up the price. What a bitch! I even raised the pay a little for the smart move, but this wanker still hasn’t told me where it was and went to get it for himself. And I’m almost sure he’s got done in there. Find the key, and then find me that package even if you have to check all doors from the center to the port.


  • Obtain the hidden valuable cargo on Customs
    • (Optional) Locate the messenger body
    • (Optional) Find the place where the messenger hid the cargo
  • Hand over the cargo to Skier.

Rewards Dialogue

You’re a damn Pinkerton! Helped me out big time! So, you found my idiot errand boy? Well, screw him. If you do something similar, you’ll get smoked like him too. Go on, buzz off, I’ve got some stuff to do.


  • +3200 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Skier
  • $500
  • Molot VPI-209 .366 TKM carbine
  • 3 AK 7.62×39 30-round magazine (issued ’55 or later)
  • 20 .366 TKM AP-M


For this quest, you will need the Unknown Key because you will need to unlock one of the metal shacks on Customs. So, let’s see where the messenger body is, because he always has the Unknown Key in himself, considering it’s a part of a quest. He can be found in a bush next to the gap in the wall between the garages and crackhouse. Check the images below.

Now once you loot him, you will get the unknown key and head directly east. You will need to reach the big open parking area, close to the building where you can turn the electricity on. Outside, there’s a metal shack that can be opened by using the Unknown key.

Once you unlock the door and get inside, you’ll see a piece of cloth on the ground. The valuable cargo is just under it. Check the image below:

Once you pick up the item, make sure you extract without dying. Good luck!

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