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Escape From Tarkov “The Survivalist Path – Unprotected but Dangerous” Quest Guide

The Survivalist Path – Unprotected but Dangerous is given by Prapor after completing Acquaintance.

Escape From Tarkov The Survivalist Path – Unprotected but Dangerous Quest Details

The Survivalist Path – Unprotected but Dangerous Quest Image

The Survivalist Path – Unprotected but Dangerous Quest Dialogue

Hello there, come in, take a seat. The path of ours is not easy, not easy at all. Fighting scum is dangerous and requires extraordinary skills. For example, being fast, quiet, agile and deadly. Flanking the enemy, outplaying them on their own field. Your buddies chained in their body armor will never be able to master these skills. Therefore, before embarking on serious tasks, hone this skill.


  • Eliminate 5 Scavs without wearing any body armor on Woods


  • 35,000 Roubles
  • +5600 XP
  • 200x 7.62x39mm PS gzh
  • Kalashnikov AKMSN 7.62×39 assault rifle
  • +0.02 reputation with Jaeger

Rewards Dialogue

As one famous person used to say “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. A piece of good advice, you better remember it. So, do you feel how easy it is to move without all those plates on you? If you move fast, you don’t even need body armor to deal with scum.


To do this quest, you need to go to Woods. Woods is Jaeger’s map since it’s where we initially begin our journey with. Jaeger wants you to eliminate five Scavs without using any armor. They all have to be on Woods, and it’s not a task required to complete in one raid. Therefore, you have multiple chances, but you need to be careful. Scavs’ intelligence has been increased recently, and they’re very smart.

The best piece of advice would be to play as you usually do (gear up). Just make sure you drop your body armor or Armored tactical rig once you encounter a Scav. The reason behind this is that they could be sneaky and shoot you directly in your thorax. Without wearing armor, you could lose your life right there, so I wouldn’t tell you to queue in Woods without any Body Armor. Once you see a Scav, just drop your Body armor on the ground, kill him, pick it back up, and hit your planned route. Do that five times in a row before killing a Scav, and you will complete the quest. It’s that easy.

The Survivalist Path – Unprotected but Dangerous doesn’t even require you to extract successfully, which makes the quest even easier to do. But, where to find the Scavs on Woods?

  • The Lumbermill
  • Emercom Camp
  • Scav House
  • New Village
  • Old Village
  • The camp with the underground bunker at the red antenna.
  • Old Train Station.

The spots above should contain even more Scavs than you need for the quest. You only need to assert your route shortly after spawning. So, make sure you overlap with the places above a couple of minutes after spawning, just to ensure fresh Scav spawns.

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