Escape From Tarkov Latest Update Introduces Airdops

It's not only PUBG that "can fly airplanes"

Ok, so I wasn’t in-game, so that I couldn’t take a picture, but I saw what happened on both Pestily’s stream and my friend’s stream simultaneously. There’s an entirely new feature in the game, core in other Battle Royale games, Airdrops. The airdrop is provided by an Airplane that flies over the whole Tarkov territory, and as it seems, the flight time is synchronized across all precincts.

Just so we all know: The airdrops feature was planned to arrive and was first leaked in a Live Broadcast made by Battlestate Games back in 2020.

Update: The airdrops in Escape From Tarkov seem simultaneous, and they probably appear on a trigger event. If you have noticed, once they are triggered, the Airplane seems to go through all the precincts instead of just one. To confirm this, be in-game and compare the flyover period with some of the streams on Twitch. So far, people have reported Airdrops on every map, and there have been reports of a similar occurrence in Labs. Nevertheless, suppose there is essentially one plane flying throughout Tarkov and every one of its territories on a trigger. This is a significant development progression for Escape From Tarkov and Battlestate Games if that’s the case.

Battlestate Games has done this in complete secrecy after installing the latest update. After noticing the same on two streams simultaneously, for two times in a row, I could somewhat confirm that it is a LIVE EVENT accessible behind a trigger, similar to what Fortnite does. If you thought Battlestate Games threw all the cards with 0.12.12, well then, you’ve been fooled, just like all of us.

This is yet another proof that Escape From Tarkov is growing at an insane pace. The game has received tons of updates over the past, and it’s another proof of why BSG leaps ahead of other Triple-A developers.

Without further ado, you can find the clips below:

Airplane Flying Over Woods

The Supply Drop

What do you think about this addition?

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    1. I do not know if you diss the in-game feature or the article itself, but I believe it’s a good addition to the game as it brings more excitement and sparks to it. It’s not a Battle Royale but it’s super fun, right?

    2. You’re right, it’s not a BR. Still, nothing similar in tarkov that is relatively close to a BR game.

      1. I play Tarkov since 2017 and I haven’t missed a wipe. I genuinely love the game and have nothing against the airdrops. Looks cool if you ask me. The only thing that bothers me is that they are so frequent that they appear in every raid.

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