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Escape From Tarkov “Checking” Quest Guide

Checking is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Prapor, unlocked at level 2. Contents below updated with 0.12.12.

Escape From Tarkov Checking Quest Details

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Checking Quest Dialogue

How’s it going, warrior? Still in one piece? Good. Look, there’s a little job for you. If you pull through, we could talk more about trust. Interested? Look here then, soldier. I had a pal who drove a tanker truck for the Factory. Managed to take the family out before the conflict, but returned to get the rest of his stuff and perished. He lived in a dorm, the bigger one. Can’t remember the room, I was there only once and was wasted as h*** to boot. There was a poster of some chick on the wall for sure, the rest is foggy. To cut the long story short, he had an old bronze pocket watch with a chain. Sort of a family heirloom. If it wasn’t snatched by anyone, then there are two options – either it’s hidden in his room somewhere, or in his car. Find me these watches. I want to get them out for the kid, his old man was not exactly a dipshit, worth to be remembered.


  • Obtain the Bronze pocket watch on a chain on Customs
  • (Optional) Obtain the key to the fuel tanker truck

Reward Dialogue

Now that was unexpected! Not the most important of deliveries, but thanks anyway. It’s not related to business. This is, you might say, personal. Oh and just so you know, I won’t be found wanting, so keep it in mind for the future who’s best to work with.


  • +1800 XP
  • + 0.03 reputation with Prapor
  • 15,000 Roubles
  • Stechkin APS 9x18PM machine pistol
  • 3 APS 9x18PM 20-round magazine


This quest is just on Customs. To fasten up its completion, if you have a Machinery key found in your previous raids, then bring it with you. If not, you will need to launch yourself into some dorms action. So let’s start with the machinery key.

  1. First, you will need to go to the 3-story dorms.
  2. Room 205 is on the second floor and it’s blocked by a couch.
  3. Head inside by jumping on the couch, crouching, and passing through the doorway.
  4. Once inside, check behind the shelf, on the right side there should be two jackets.
  5. The brown jacket has the key so search it and pick it up.
  6. Check the images below for better explanation.

The machinery key is on the second floor in room 205 in a brown jacket just behind the shelf.

After this is done, you will need to head to the construction area on the opposite side of dorms. There you will find a truck parked right next to the construction. Just jump on the crate, and unlock the door. The pocket watch is on the ground under the steering wheel, next to the seat. For better explanation, check the images below:

Once you pick up the golden pocket watch, make sure you survive and extract. If you die, you will have to re-do the quest. That said, if you have the machinery key, you can skip the key part and do not need to go in the dorms at all. So, even if you pick up the golden pocket watch, it would be smart to keep it until you complete the quest. Once you do that, then the key becomes useless. That’s all, I hope this helps you.

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