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Escape From Tarkov “Delivery From The Past” Quest Guide

The quest Delivery from the past is available from Prapor at level 5.

Escape From Tarkov “Delivery From The Past” Quest

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Quest Image

Delivery From The Past Quest Dialogue

Stay well, fighter. Still, in our sinful world, I see? But enough of that. There is this one thing. Rather sensitive, so to say. We kind of reached mutual trust with you, right? So I’ll be trusting you with a serious task now. I won’t go into details of why, who and for what, it’s not really related to the task anyway. And the task is to procure a package and move it to another place. Doesn’t sound hard, but there is a nuance. The pickup is on Customs, and the drop-off is on Factory. Customs has a big warehouse, the red one, near the garages. The package is located there on the second floor in the office. Grab it and stash it on Factory, in a metal shack near the dressing room area. Interested?


  • Obtain the secure folder in the Tarcone Director’s office at the Customs terminal warehouse
  • Stash the package in the Factory break room (2nd floor near Gate 3)

Rewards Dialogue

What, success again? Bit of a warrior, eh? The freaking Terror of Tarkov! Hey, don’t get me wrong! Everything’s done right, I owe you one. Important business is taken care of – I feel good. And when I feel good, proper people around me start feeling good as well. Got it?


  • +4000 XP
  • +0.03 reputation with Prapor
  • 20,000 Roubles
  • Saiga 12ga ver.10 12/76 semi-automatic shotgun
  • 4 SOK-12 12/76 sb.5 5-round magazine
  • 40 12/70 7mm buckshot
  • Ability to purchase 5.45x39mm PS gs

Delivery From The Past Quest Guide

Ok, so let’s see what you need to have in order to complete this quest. First and foremost, you need to get yourself Tarcone Director’s Office Key. Without it, you won’t complete the quest, as the quest item is hidden behind a locked door. Now let’s take a look at the item location.

The room to unlock is on Customs, in the big red hangar. Check the image below:

Tarcone Director’s Office inside the big red hangar, more precisely on the second floor. Check the image below:

Once you go upstairs, you need to unlock the door. Inside you’ll notice two doors on your right. The second one is the one you need to breach in. Once you’re in, check under the desk. That’s where the item is located. Check the image below for a better overview:

That’s not all, however. Once you pick up this item, you will need to extract it without dying and then go to Factory. I guess you’ve extracted. Now the hard part kicks in. You need to leave the secure folder on Factory in the metal shack, just as the quest instructs you to do. Remember that dying would reset the quest and you need to go back to Customs to pick the secure folder again. So, I strongly advise you to get the best gear from your inventory before heading in.

Once you go to Factory, this is the place where you need to leave the item by pressing and holding the use button or default “F”.

You need to stay like that for 10 seconds before you leave the item and extract. The extraction is in the orange door (towards the right) from the character positioning. That means you will be able to extract fast. I wish you get a good spawn.

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