Escape From Tarkov Latest Update Fixes Scavs, Rogues, and Sanitar

There's no holidays for BSG.

Escape From Tarkov has received a brand new minor update that fixes a couple of issues that have been present during the whole timeline of 0.12.12. This update also adjusts the AI setting for Rogues and Scavs, and their behavior is yet to be determined in the coming period. The update is titled and is already available to download through the BSG launcher.

As for the Rogues on Lighthouse, their annoying close combat behavior has been tweaked, and they will no longer go prone and stand up once engaged. Better or worse, this change should allow players to react to their movement a lot easier.

Sanitar, the boss on Shoreline, has also been somewhat reworked. The other day, I had an issue where Sanitar completely disappeared and was nowhere to be found in the surrounding area. Since he has always been able to get out of Guards’ proximity in this patch, we would assume he just ran away super far. Well, today’s update tends to change that.

For a complete patch changelog, make sure you check the notes below:

Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue of disappearing footstep sounds on several locations;
  • Fixed sound artifacts when playing music at the end of the raid;
  • Fixed an issue where bots would shoot at walls on Customs;
  • Fixed Sanitar’s behavior, he will no longer go too far away from his guards;
  • Fixed Rogues’ behavior, they will no longer go prone and stand up when entering a close-quarters fight;
  • Fixed an issue of possible freezing of the MK17 magazine in chest rigs;
  • Fixed graphical artifacts with SSR and TAA enabled;
  • Fixed an issue when Player Scavs could spawn on closed-off roofs on Lighthouse;
  • Fixed an incorrect player animation when firing from a double-barrel shotgun with a double-tap mode;
  • Added a restriction of freelook while aiming;
  • Adjusted AI settings for Rogues and Scavs;
  • Added clothes sorting by availability level in Ragman’s services menu;
  • Added various server and client optimizations.

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