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Escape From Tarkov “Operation Aquarius – Part 1” Quest Guide

Operation Aquarius – Part 1 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist, available on level 6. The quest is available after completing the first task Shortage.

Operation Aquarius Part 1 Quest Details


Operation Aquarius – Part 1 Quest Image


Quest Dialogue

Nice to meet you, young man. I have a well-paying job for you. Since you are already aware of the problems with the drinking water in this region and the origin of these problems, I know that I can entrust you with the following information. We found out what the source of contamination is, and we know how to stop it. We need a bit more time, but we will get it done. Qualified engineers are already on it, but until then we will have to live on the remaining reserves (which are very scarce, indeed). However, to my knowledge, some people managed to make hay and stock up on clean water prior to the contamination. These people are part of the gang which inhabits the dorms next to the factory. Several people saw them carrying large plastic barrels full of clean water to that location. Though I can’t blame them for surviving any way they can, we need that water more than they do. Besides, the contamination issue will be solved very soon, so they won’t be needing that water anyway. Acquiring this water will save many lives, so get out there and find where they store that water. We will all be indebted to you…


  • Locate the water hidden inside of the dorms on Customs

Rewards Dialogue

How curious! So that’s where that water went. Thank you. I will inform my people. Skier certainly would not be happy with me interfering with his interests, but what won’t you do for the sake of the people.


  • +3300 XP
  • +0.03 reputation with Therapist
  • -0.02 reputation with Skier
  • 14000 Roubles
  • 5 0.6 liter water bottle
  • Water filter



  • Dorm room 206 key

This quest puts you on a task on Customs. For this quest, you will need the Dorm room 206 key as posted in the requirements above. Once acquired, you will need to make your way to the dormitory area on Customs. Once there, you need to get into the two-story building and head to the second floor. Once there, search for room number 206. The numbers are right above the doors, so it wouldn’t be hard to get there. For better instruction, check the images below.

Two-story dorms

Two Story Dorm on Customs
EFT Two Story Dorm Room 206

Once unlocked, just get inside. Keep in mind that the quest reminder might bug out and not work, just check in your tasks if you have visited the place or not.

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