Escape From Tarkov Pre-Wipe Events Have Already Begun

Skier notifies about a new movement

Even though the pre-wipe Escape From Tarkov events haven’t been officially announced by Battlestate Games, an in-game message sent by Skier proves the opposite. Today, Skier has messaged the players that the kingpins (bosses) of Tarkov are preparing some sort of move, and they tend to swap places between each other so they can no longer be found in their ordinary spot.

If you’re unaware of the occurrence, make sure you go to your message and check Skier. The message claims the following:

Hello, Soldier Boy, I’ve got some news for you. As always, not a word to anyone, I’m only telling you this because you’re my most beloved worker, he-he. So, our local kingpins for some sort of a meeting, judging by their behavior. My mates say they’re switching places with each other, like on some sort of night watch. So you better be alert, keep your eyes open when strolling around their places. If you get into trouble, do not blame me.

Expect to see Killa on Factory, Sanitar on Reserve, Gluhar on Shoreline, Tagila on Interchange, and so on. I have to say though, Reshala and his boys are kind of useless wherever they are. Now back to the main story.

This tells us that the pre-wipe events are slowly starting. But, we cannot be sure as there have been plenty of the same during the whole wipe. Nevertheless, we’re heading there. Being aware of the tease on Instagram, we can all connect the dots and agree it’s a pre-wipe event.

Just as always, the endpoint of the pre-wipe events is when the market prices plummet to a bare minimum. Weapons, attachments, ammunition, and everything else becomes dirt cheap, and that’s when you know the wipe is extremely close.

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