Escape From Tarkov’s Santa Clause is a “Juicer”

Do not kill nor remove this phenomenon from the game, ever.

We’ve all been craving for a Christmas Event, and we got it. Now that everything’s in place and motion, thanks to the recent patch, let’s look at one of the most exciting features added to the game. Ornaments are back, Christmas Trees, and most importantly, Santa Clause, which arrives in Tarkov for the very first time.

This article is dedicated to Santa Clause himself, also known as Ded Moroz in Russian. Have you wanted someone to rely on in Escape From Tarkov? Someone that may surprise you with some item that you need badly? Well, Santa Clause is here now, and it’s pretty exciting seeing him every time. Why is that so? Look at it like a delivery man that could surprise you at any time, but also like a social being, which is a rare condition for this game.

Today, my friend and I decided to learn more about his magnificence, as it is still a mystical creature bobbing on the Tarkov lands. We found him at the Old Gas station at Customs, alone and separate from the world. Then, we noticed that he had something to tell us. He mumbled to follow him, and out of a sudden, he dropped an item on the ground. So we thought, wait, what if we stick with him? Would he keep on repeating the same action?

As you can see in the video, he didn’t. We were two guys, he dropped two items at a different time interval, so we couldn’t pinpoint if the loot was bound to the player or just a time interval. Nevertheless, on the bright side, if you’re lucky enough, you could get a good item. All you need to do is not kill him and wait for the delivery time.

We also learned that Santa Clause in Escape From Tarkov is a peaceful character, and any disturbance might reflect in unwanted scenarios. For example, my friend had forgotten his macro used to buy faster on the auction house, and he had it bound on “Y,” the default mumble button. So he wanted to greet him, but sadly, this is what happened:

There’s always someone like this. So what did you learn? If you plan to eliminate him (which will result in a vast negative reputation with Fence), do it right. Otherwise, you may find yourself lying on the floor as we have learned that he does not hesitate to return fire at all. So, how’s your Holiday Tarkov experience?

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