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Escape From Tarkov “To The Tree!” Christmas Trees Location

Christmas Event is Live, and it's more fun than ever!

With today’s update, Battlestate Games has added two new quests to Escape From Tarkov. One requires a collection of multiple new year items, while the other wants you to visit the Christmas Trees placed on all different maps. Well, we’re going to be talking about that one in particular and help you find all the Christmas Trees on the maps.

The newly placed Christmas Trees also contain decent loot around them, and being the first there somewhat pays out. But, enough talking, let’s take a look at where the Christmas Trees are located. These are the maps that have one Christmas Tree.

  • Customs
  • Reserve
  • Interchange
  • Lighthouse
  • Shoreline
  • Woods

Escape From Tarkov Christmas Trees Locations


The Christmas Tree on Customs is in between 3 Story and 2 Story dormitory areas. Once you get there, you simply cannot miss it. Also, make sure you check for updates.


On Reserve, the Christmas Tree is in the open. More precisely behind the armory building and horses, towards the open area where the bunkers are located.


On Interchange, the Christmas Tree is placed in the opposite direction of the main “Ultra” entrance, and it sitting there plainly on the open road.


Lighthouse is the new Escape From Tarkov map, and it’s been a pure refreshing experience so far. The map has everything, including moisturizing Rogues that know how to ruin your day. The Christmas Tree is on the southeast side of the map. It’s on the beach, and as you can see in the image above, it’s close to the Lighthouse itself.


The Christmas Tree on Shoreline cannot be missed. It’s at the Resort, more precisely in front of the entrance of the admin building.


The Christmas Tree cannot be missed on Woods as well, as it is placed in the Lake. All you need to do is just go by the Beach, and you won’t miss it.

Sorry for the late guide, but it’s the way of the road due to the Holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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