Fortnite Chapter 3 is just pure fun

Epic Games has proven one more time that

Say what you want to say about Fortnite Chapter 3, but so far, I have been having a blast. It’s definitely a refreshing experience as there is much more to do than just playing another Battle Royale or Last Man Standing game mode. With all the transitions and live events put aside, the game’s core mechanics and new features that have been implemented just put Fortnite in a favorable spot.

Playing with a Spider-Man skin is one thing, but having the opportunity to use his webs to travel across the whole island is fantastic, and it looks as exciting as the original Spider-Man game. I met plenty of players on the “flip side,” and most of them seem to be enjoying the game aside from dripping sweat on the battlefield. It reminds me of the old days in Fortnite when everyone just wanted to have fun.

All of the aforementioned is possible thanks to the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Another important fact is that Epic Games knows how to grasp ideas from other video games. One of the features in this season is Battlefield 2042’s natural disasters, which periodically spawn tornadoes that suck players in and fly them across the map. Well, that is possible in Fortnite now, too, and it looks pretty exciting to see that in a Battle Royale genre.

Easter eggs, new areas to explore, everything just makes the experience even more beautiful than it was before. It induces a pure refreshing vibe, and everyone’s excited to see what Epic Games has in store for the coming seasons. I am genuinely impressed by the look of things so far and will probably be playing Fortnite in the following period.

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