Halo Infinite Campaign is not getting a pre-load option

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Halo Infinite Campaign is just around the corner, and 343 Industries seems to have missed including pre-load options for the game. A while ago, fans and owners of the campaign had found out that 343 Industries has not offered pre-load options for Halo Infinite’s Campaign, and the urge to get out of the multiplayer version and enjoy the single-player is a bit farther than you thought.

This has been answered by Brian Jarrard (Community Director at 343 Industries) on Twitter, where he states that the game won’t have a pre-load option for Halo Infinite campaign.

This means that players won’t be able to download and pre-load all the assets before the game goes live on the respective platform, which means that some fans will fall behind those with faster internet. It’s not just that. Instead, different regions will dive in at their release time, which means the game’s launch won’t be accounted as global.

Nevertheless, Halo Infinite’s campaign has received positive, bolstering reviews. The Halo Infinite Campaign seems to have 8-12 hours of gameplay entertainment and judging by many journalists who have had the opportunity to play the game, it’s something different.

However, the player backlash is rising, as the fans are furious that a flagship title of this caliber missed, including a pre-load option. There’s no logic behind this, and no one from 343 Industries has revealed the reason for the lack of pre-load options for Halo Infinite Campaign.

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