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How to activate the VoIP feature in Escape From Tarkov?

You can now talk in-game, so make sure you get this done

I have to say, Escape From Tarkov’s latest update has been a fresh experience so far, even if the character movement feels like his legs are tied due to the new player inertia. However, as compensation for it, the new VoIP feature is different and feels very real. So, “clunky movement” meets “fancy talk.” Have you wanted to try the new VoIP but don’t know how? Worry not. We’ll guide you through its activation, as it is super easy to do.

How To Activate Escape From Tarkov VoIP

If you don’t know how to activate Escape From Tarkov’s VoIP feature, then this is what you should do.

  1. Go to in-game options
  2. Go to the Sound tab
  3. Check the Enable VoIP (Check Image Below)

Once you activate the VoIP feature by doing that, the game would throw you the following message:

“With VoIP enabled, you can have a completely different gaming experience. This functionality is designed for coordination and the ability to negotiate. 

Remember that using VoIP inappropriately can ruin the experience for you and other players.

Insults, Playing music, clogging the air, and other improper behavior when using VoIP can lead to both the blocking of its functionality and the banning of the game account.”

I’d recommend you restart the game just in case because it’s Tarkov.

The second important part is to go to your keybinds settings:

  1. Go to in-game settings
  2. Controls
  3. Then check for your Push-To-Talk keybinds – Default is “K.”

Notice just above it you have an unbound button to disable the VoIP feature altogether, so you don’t hear “idiocracy” in-game if any occur.

If you want to learn how to report players for inappropriate VoIP conduct, make sure you check this guide.

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