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Pokemon Go Ditto December 2021, Shiny and the Chances of Getting a Ditto

Not sure if Ditto is still a thing in Pokemon Go, but it would be nice to get a hold of this mysterious and rare Pokemon, and if that Ditto turns out to be a Shiny one, that would be even better.

Ditto, known as the Transformation Pokemon, is among one of the rarest Pokemon to encounter in the game, and the bad thing is that it is part of many Research tasks and quests. The odds of finding a Ditto in the wild at the moment is roughly 3%, which is extremely low.

After many Trainer tears, Niantic has made it easier for us to encounter a Ditto by releasing a list of possible Ditto disguises, and here is the list.

Ditto Disguises December 2021

  • Gastly (possible chance of Shiny form)
  • Drowzee (possible chance of Shiny form)
  • Remoraid
  • Teddiursa (possible chance of Shiny form)
  • Gulpin
  • Numel
  • Stunky
  • Dwebble (possible chance of Shiny form)
  • Foongus

There was a time where a good Shiny Pokemon encountered in the wild happened to transform into Ditto when caught, and many Trainers left complaints about this, but we are happy to report that this will no longer happen. If you encounter a Shiny Pokemon of whichever species, it absolutely cannot turn into Ditto. However, the normal form of a Pokemon can indeed turn into the Transformation Pokemon, with a chance of getting a Shiny Ditto. But what if you encounter a Shiny Pokemon that belongs to the Ditto transformation pool? Do not worry because this Pokemon will not transform into Ditto.

If you want to hurry up the process of getting a Ditto encounter you can always use a Pokemon GO Plus, Incense and/or Lures.

Do you have a Ditto? If yes, how many Dittos do you have?

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