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Pokemon Go Players Vote 2016 and 2020 the Best and Most Enjoyable Year Since Launch

Without any doubt, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, an app where many Trainers begin new friendships, catch Pokemon, and enjoy every aspect of it. Now, as Pokemon Go’s 6th year draws to a close, we all wonder, which year is the best in Pokemon Go?

A post has appeared on the official TSR Reddit, where Trainers can vote for their favorite and most enjoyable year in the game. You can vote for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 as the best year in Pokemon Go.

Going in last is 2021. Niantic and Pokemon Go introduced the Seasons, the level increase, XL Candy, the Tagging system, and the newest feature, Power Up PokeStops. Many felt that 2021 was not interesting at all. It had boring Raid Bosses, events that turned out to be dull, and as one user stated in the comments “It’s like they put a bunch of turtles in charge of everything.” Next is 2019, with only 489 votes (at the moment of writing). In 2019 the game introduced Team Go Rocket, Vanilla PvP, PokeStop submissions, and the new appraisal screen.

Pokemon Go in 2017 had the novelty of Raids, Gym rework, Shinies, Go Fest, and EX Raids. Many players say that this year while lacking many other things, felt somewhat interesting with the EX Raid invitations, gatherings in parks, people started being more active, and went to places out of their comfort zone. The pole that was conducted on TSR’s official Reddit, 807 players voted for 2017 as the best year in Pokemon Go.

The introduction of Community Day events, beloved by many Trainers, firstly began in 2018, a year that brought Field Researches, Friendship, and Adventure Sync. Approximately 1.3k Trainers voted for this year as their favorite one in the game since its launch in 2016.

The second-place falls to 2020. With 1.4k votes (at the moment of writing), this turning year was a challenge to us all, on a global level, where the entire world entered the global crisis known as COVID-19.

Pokemon Go released the most popular features this year, such as Remote Raids and COVID bonuses, GBL, New buddy system, Mega Evolutions, Remote Go Fest, AR scans, and Stickers. However, many Trainers feel that this is the year where the disconnection from fun things such as walking and social gatherings began. Or maybe it is due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The year that got the most votes from PoGo fans is the year where everything began – the launch year, 2016, with over 1.6k votes. While it had many glitches, bugs, and other unsolved problems, it brought the joy of chasing Pokemon on your mobile screen. The game practically forced its players to put on their shoes and explore their neighborhood, or other places that seemed quite interesting.

Everything was new and fresh. Trainers in the comments on TSR’s official Reddit post said that they miss seeing people running around and chasing a Pokemon in parks, pubs, and restaurants.

Apart from this pole, which year was your personal favorite, and why? Comment below so we can discuss it together.

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