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Pokemon Go PokeStop Scanning and How to Scan a PokeStop

A feature that is well known to all of us is a feature called PokeStop Scanning. With this feature, you can scan the exact real-life location of a PokeStop or a Gym and then send it to the Pokemon GO server.

The important thing is that by scanning that location, you will be giving any related info to Niantic, and this includes the time, the location of the recording, the movements you have made during the recording, and other minor info about your device. This feature helps Niantic create a 3D map of the objects that can be seen in real life.

To scan a PokeStop, firstly you need to go to the details page of the PokeStop and/or Gym. Next, tap the three dots in the upper right and tap on “Scan PokeStop”. Then, click on the record button and start scanning. For a successful scan, you need to move slowly and around the location of the chosen PokeStop and/or Gym, so that you can get a smooth recording. Then all you need to do is to choose whether you want to upload it now or later.

As stated on Niantic’s page, ideal scans are of a 20-30 seconds duration, an object which is constantly kept in the centre of the frame and is visible from top to bottom. While scanning, a Trainer should move slowly and keep a distance from the object. Light, the type of weather and time are also crucial for a successful scan. The camera of your device should be pointed directly towards the PokeStop for a better view.

If the PokeStop you want to scan is a mural, memorial plaque or signage, you should walk laterally from one side to the other. If it is a medium-sized PokeStop, if you can, you should walk 360 degrees around it for a complete picture. As for larger PokeStops, take a few steps back, and focus on the elements that represent the PokeStops on the maps.

A blurry scan is not accepted, not it is one where the Trainer is standing still and only moving their hands. As we mentioned above, light is very important, as it allows Niantic to see the exact picture of the PokeStop or Gym.
Niantic reassured the public that this feature will not be used for removals of Gyms and/or PokeStops. Any license plate or other personal information caught in the scan will be obscured, as well as faces.

PokeStop Scanning is currently available on iPhone 6s and devices running Ios 11 and above. As for Android, the feature is available on devices with Android 7.0 and above. Trainers with below level 20 and child accounts will not have this feature available to them.

Have you used this feature? Would you change something about it?

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