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Escape From Tarkov “Shortage” Quest Guide

Shortage is a level 1 quest from the Therapist. The contents below have been updated with patch 0.12.12.

Escape From Tarkov Shortage Quest Details

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Shortage Quest Dialogue

Hello, mercenary. Are you interested in a job, by any chance? Very well. The job is not hard for a gritty man like you, and you won’t get a short end of the stick. I can always provide food and drinks, and, most importantly – qualified medical care, in cases of almost any complexity. And for my loyal clients, who do not mind helping me with my business, I offer preferential terms for goods and services. But it’s up to you for the future. If you prove that you’re reliable. In the meantime, here’s a simple task – I need to obtain a few emergency medical care kits. They are called Salewas, the red ones. Know these? And as proof that you can get things done, I want you to find them with your own hand, not just buy them off from someone. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone you can rely on.


  • Find 3 Salewa first aid kits in raid
  • Hand over the 3 first aid kits


  • +2000 XP
  • +0.03 Reputation
  • 15,000 Roubles
  • 4 Analgin painkillers
  • 4 AI-2 Medkit
  • 4 Immobilizing splint


Just for a reference, this is where you can find Salewa:

  • In buried Jaeger barrel caches
  • In buried Jaeger ground caches
  • In Medbags
  • In Sport Bags or Zipbags
  • In Weapon boxes
  • In Medical Supply Crates
  • In Scav Backpacks

Completing Shortage might be painful, but there is small advice I could give you. Make sure you loot your Scav kills. Some of them tend to have Salewa in their backpacks. If you’re not that lucky, worry not. The following places also spawn Salewa.

Salewa on Woods

I personally like doing this quest on Woods, as if you’re lucky enough, you can be spawned next to the Emercom camp located in the southeast area. Even if you’re not being spawned there, you can head up north to the USEC camps, which could also contain this item.

Salewa is not genuinely bound to only one map and could be found in medical areas on every single map. For example Customs’ “crackhouse” or Reserve’s medical building. But I still like playing Woods the most. In one run, we managed to find 5 Salewa medkits. If you’re lucky enough, you could find even more of them.

This quest item (Salewa) can also be obtained by trading The Therapist a PAID AntiRoach spray.

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