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The best spot to find Salewa and MRE in Escape From Tarkov

Which map would be the best fitting one for such collection?

In Escape From Tarkov, a couple of quests require you to find different items, especially the beginning ones, which can be pretty annoying sometimes. Salewa medkit and MREs, including ISKRA Lunch Boxes for the quests later, can be painful to find. But, there’s always an easy way. However, it requires strong persistence.

Where to find Salewa and MRE Ration Packs

These items are not hard to find, as they can be found on Scavs. However, there’s an easier way, and one of the maps contains all of it. First off, Salewa and MRE, as the title say. The best map for this task is Woods. Why? Woods operates with multiple military USEC camps, small bases that have these items as a hard spawn. That’s why Woods is my pick for these two tasks.

The other map is Reserve, which holds a lot of food crates under the black bishop building. The building itself includes a kitchen, which can be accessed from its backside. The kitchen can hold a couple of surprising food items too.

Where do they spawn

The MRE ration pack spawns next to the two mattresses in the southern USEC camp, next to the rock, while the tables outside can spawn medical items. But that’s not it. In the tents, there are crates that you can loot, which makes that spot beautiful.

Therefore, I can easily say that Woods is arguably one of the best maps for the early game. I would quickly change my mind that Reserve is probably better, but considering that early tasks require you to go to Woods, you can pair it a lot better like this.

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