Tunic Launches In March 16

After a long wait, the developers of Tunic have announced that their new game will be released on March 16. The top-down Zelda like title stars Fox and is scheduled to come out for Macs as well Windows PC’s Xbox One consoles (including X). They made this exciting news known at tonight’s Game Awards ceremony!

Tunic is a game developed by Andrew Shouldice, who started the project as an independent developer. Since then he’s formed his team and licensed publishing rights to Finji LLC., known for games such as Night in The Woods (a 2D platformer) or Chicory: A Colorful Tale ( Puzzle + Adventure).

The world is much larger than what we see and it’s up to our little fox friend in this crowdfunding campaign, tunic. He will explore the unknown with his friends on a journey that may not be possible for him alone due to some foes too tough or dangerous – but they have hope!

In a land of giants, you are the smallest creature alive. You have been plucked from your home in the forest and brought to this vast city by unknown means? What can possibly go wrong? The story follows our hero as they explore their new surroundings while combating monsters on every turn who would love nothing more than see them dead or captured for food! It may seem like all hope is lost until an ancient being named Tunic appears before us with tales that will save not only themselves but also others around town including some friendly locals willing to provide assistance when needed at no cost whatsoever…

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Amie Gammons

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