Call of Duty: Vanguard will Buff Snipers and Nerf Shotguns

More Updates Coming over the Week

The developer of Call of Duty Vanguard has just revealed that the break is officially over and the team is ready to deploy new updates that will elevate the game to another level. A couple of changes have instantly been highlighted, which are expected to arrive during the course of this week, while additional ones are anticipated to arrive in the latter.

While some of the changes would be cruel to those who love using close-combat weapons, shotguns felt overpowered and will finally get a nerf. Snipers, on the other side, will get a slight buff. Some of the changes coming soon to Vanguard can be found below:

  • Changes to help with the completion of Panzerfaust Challenges
  • Perk adjustments to help counter all things fire
  • A weapon balancing pass (Sniper buffs and Shotgun nerfs!)
  • A tweak to Mortar Barrage to reduce duration

The aforementioned information has been shared in a Tweet made by Sledgehammer Games.

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  1. Okay, So we went from an overpowered shotgun to shotgun that can’t hit the side of a barn. 4 shots to the chest at 5 ft and the guy keeps on coming. se la vie, Its time to move on to something else. Its not just the shotgun. Its the constant balancing. One day you got a gun and the next it is unrecognizable. We’ll leave this game to the young, Naïve and Snipers. Rest in peace COD.

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