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Escape From Tarkov “Big Customer” Quest Guide

Big Customer is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Prapor. The quest becomes available after accepting Chemical – Part 4 from Skier. The quest is unique because it’s a multiple-choice one, which means you can return it to multiple traders. The reputation outcome and rewards come based on your choice. The quest is linked with Therapist (Out of Curiosity) and Skier (Chemical – Part 4). If you wish to check the rewards for each one of them, please follow the links above.

Escape From Tarkov “Big Customer” Quest Details

Big Customer Quest Image

Quest Dialogue

Good afternoon! Our world is really small here – I found out that you’ve been teaming up with Skier lately. Let’s go straight to business – I need to know where to get that chemical of yours, a big customer wants to buy out all the crates for a good price. I don’t care why he needs it, I’m a bit tighter on funds now than I would like to be. So, are you in? I won’t disappoint with the reward, of course.


  • Locate the transport with the chemicals on Customs
  • Mark the chemical transport vehicle with an MS2000 Marker

Required Items

  • 1x MS2000 Marker


  • +8100 XP
  • +0.03 reputation with prapor
  • ~230000 Roubles
  • 6B2 armor (Flora)
  • Unknown Reward (2x ammunition case)


So, what this quest asks you to do is head to Customs, more precisely at the following location:

Then you need to get inside the hangar marked on the image above. This is how the hangar looks from the outside:

Once you get inside, find and mark the following van:

Returning this quest is up to you and I do not plan to META at all. So, review all the return choices and rewards and pick up what suits you the best.

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