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Escape From Tarkov “Car Repair” Quest Guide

Car Repair is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist. The quest requires a collection of variety of items.

Escape From Tarkov Car Repair Quest Details

Car Repair Quest Image

Car Repair Quest Dialogue

Good afternoon, young man. I need help for a good cause. As you have long guessed, I collect food, medicine, and other necessities in order to evacuate the people. I don’t want to deceive you, this is true. And now they have enough reserves for the road. And most importantly, I’ve managed to negotiate through my channels that these people would be met and let through to the other side. Can you imagine? But only the civilian population, no men under 60. Therefore, the first wave will mostly be children with mothers and a few elderly people. Almost everything is ready, except for one little detail – we need transportation. We have several vehicles, just enough to carry everyone from the first wave, but they are not running. As I was told, they have been idle for too long and need batteries and spark plugs. Even fuel is not necessary. I will make a proper list of the items we need. Can you bring them?


  • Find 4 Car batteries in raid
  • Find Spark plugs in raid
  • Hand over the batteries
  • Hand over the spark plugs


  • +6900 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • ~1,600 Dollars
  • 1x Grizzly medical kit
  • 1x eTG-change regenerative stimulant injector
  • 1x Adrenaline injector

Reward Dialogue

You have no idea what exactly you’ve accomplished for these people.


The quest asks you to collect the items listed in the Objectives above. All of these can be crafted in the Hideout at Workbench level 2, but if you’re short on money and do not want to spend your money on such activity, then you can loot these pretty much on every map as they can both be found at static spawns but also in search them from different items.

Car Batteries can be found in:

  • Sport bags
  • Technical supply crates
  • Ground caches
  • Buried Barrel caches
  • Dead Scavs

Car Batteries can also be acquired from two different quests Database – Part 2 and Spa Tour – Part 4.

Hideout Crafting Mats at Workbench Level 2

  • 5x Car Batteries can be crafted for:
    • 1x 6-Sten-140-M military battery (quite expensive early wipe)
    • 1x Leatherman Multitool
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