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Escape From Tarkov “Chumming” Quest Guide

Updated with 0.12.12

Chumming is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Skier. The quest asks you to stash a bunch of Gold chains in different places, so let’s see where exactly you need to do that.

Escape From Tarkov Chumming Quest Details

Chumming quest image

Chumming Quest Dialogue

Come on in, if you’re serious, got a new task for you! Those cameras you planted actually bore some fruit. Managed to find the right men, on good terms with Scavs. In short, I want to chum them up a bit, for the same of peace. Because nowadays they are just too insane, these bastards. Wasting anyone indiscriminately, scared all my customers away, those motherfuckers. The trick is, these thieving bitches are from different gangs, and all need a different approach. So far, we’ve settled on three gold chains for each, to get the conversation going, and we’ll see where it goes… I don’t have enough chains for all of them, but you’re a smooth operator, you’ll get them in no time. I’ll point you where to stash them. Also, you should make sure the Interchange is clear of PMCs at the specific time, because otherwise, the right people may not reach the stash.


  • Stash 3 Gold chains under the mattress next to BTR-80A in Generic Store on Interchange
  • Stash 3 Gold chains in the microwave on the 3rd floor of the dorm on Customs
  • Stash 3 Gold chains in the middle wooden cabin of the sawmill on Woods
  • Eliminate PMCs in the time period of 22:00-10:00 on Interchange


  • 19100 XP
  • +0.05 reputation with Skier
  • ~70,000 Roubles
  • 1x Roler Submariner gold wrist watch
  • 2x GP coin

Reward Dialogue

Scavs eased up a bit, hope they won’t get too greedy and ask for more, but that’s my pain, not yours. Nicely done!


The quest requires us to stash three gold chains on three different locations, Interchange, Customs, Woods. The locations will be provided in different images below.


On Interchange, the 3 gold chains should be placed at the BTR, also known as Generic Shop. The shop has a BTR inside, so it’s quite hard to miss it. To see where it’s located exactly and where to place the chains, check the map including the three closeup images below:


On Customs, all the action always happens at the Dorms. This time, we have to visit the 3-story dorms again and stash the items in the microwave in the kitchen located on the third floor. For better explanation, check the images below:


The shack where you need to stash 3 gold chains on woods in at the Sawmill. Check the images below for a better explanation.

That’s it. One more thing to notice is that your progression saves. So if you die after placing the gold chains you do not lose the progression on the quest.

Eliminate 5 PMCs in nighttime Interchange

There will somewhat always be players that are on this quest and that want to kill each other. Nighttime Interchange is not that brutal as it has lights that reflect across the whole mall. Therefore, I would instruct you to run in the heating middle of the map and wait for the prey to come.

May God be with you when doing tasks in Escape From Tarkov!

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