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Escape From Tarkov “Colleagues – Part 2” Quest Guide

Colleagues – Part 2 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist after completing Colleagues – Part 1. This quest brings us back to Shoreline, but it asks us to pick up two different items.

Escape From Tarkov Colleagues – Part 2 Quest Details

Colleagues – Part 2 Quest Image

Colleagues – Part 2 Quest Dialogue

The loss of my people on the Shoreline is certainly a very unpleasant event, but a new source of medicine is more important. We just need a different approach to this case. My assistant managed to bribe a local from the Shoreline to tell us about Sanitar, the medic we’re looking for. He has a small security details, a few spots on the Shoreline, but what’s strange is that he performs surgery right on the street, and often hides his tools near such places, in buildings nearby. Get me these tools. Sanitar will be more cooperative if he realizes that we can stop his trade at any time and take control of the territory.


  • Obtain Sanitar’s Surgery kit marked with a blue symbol.
  • Hand over Sanitar’s Surgery kit
  • Obtain Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope
  • Hand over Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope


  • +12400 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • ~60,000 Roubles
  • 1x Surv12 field surgical kit
  • P22 Injector

Reward Dialogue

Did you bring the tools? Put them in that box, I will need to clean them properly, it is unclear where they have been before. You can clearly see he is in a difficult situation, everything is covered in blood, clearly unsanitary conditions. Well, that’s my business now. I’ll give Sanitar his tools back along with the letter through the one local we bribed so that he understands what we want from him.

Colleagues – Part 2 Quest Guide

The quest instructs is to head to Shoreline, but this time for a slightly different reason. We need to pick up Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope and surgery kit. Both of them are located in a different locations, and one of them is behind a locked door. The one locked is inside the Villa at the Cottages, which requires the “Cottage back door key”.

Required Items

  • Cottage back door key
    • Fairly expensive during early wipe of around 700,000 Roubles at FLEA market.

Colleagues – Part 2 Quest Item Locations

Below you can find the map image with both of the ophthalmoscope and surgery kit locations highlighted.

For a better explanation and overview of the items, check out the images below.

Cottage Ophthalmoscope Location

Sanitar Surgical Kit Location

After you pick up the items, make sure you survive and extract. Otherwise you would have to do the same all over again. Good luck on your quest!

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