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Escape From Tarkov “Colleagues – Part 3” Quest Guide

Colleagues – Part 3 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist. The quest comes after completing Colleagues – Part 2. This quest is the most ignored quest ever as it is a lot easier to do the Jaeger’s counterpart where he asks you to kill Sanitar. This indirectly means that the Colleagues – Part 3 does not count towards Kappa.

Colleagues – Part 3 Quest Details

Colleagues – Part 3 Quest Image

Quest Dialogue

Young man, wait. I knew that Jaeger would ask you to kill Sanitar, but you don’t have to do it. I understand Jaeger’s point of view, that he’s just some kind of monster in the flesh, but he is not. I’m sure Sanitar is just trying to help the locals. Given the current circumstances, he performs the most complex surgeries and it is not surprising that they often end badly. He is a doctor with the most valuable knowledge that can save many more lives. A doctor with access to a warehouse of medicines that are extremely important to us. And he has already entered into negotiations with me and will soon begin to cooperate. But for this, I need something that will interest him and I think I know what will: the Laboratory. Access keys and samples of military stimulants, I think they are the basis on which he conducts his experiments. Can you find them for me? You can get the access keycards however you want, but the stimulants must be sealed, so you need to find them yourself.


  • Do not kill Sanitar
  • Obtain TerraGroup Labs keycard (Blue)
  • Hand over the keycard
  • Obtain TerraGroup Labs keycard (Green)
  • Hand over the keycard
  • Find AHF1-M stimulant injector in raid
  • Hand over the injector
  • Find 3-(b-TG) stimulant injector in raid
  • Hand over the injector


  • +15800 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • ~170,000 Roubles
  • 3x L1 (Norepinephrine) injector
  • 3x Meldonin injector
  • 7x Morphine injector
  • 3x Grizzly medical kit
  • Unknown Reward
  • Unknown Reward
  • Unknown Reward

Reward Dialogue

Thank you. I knew you would understand how important Sanitar and his… medication are right now. He has already shown a great interest in keycards and stimulants and sent the first batch of goods. Here, this is your share.

Failure Penalty and Dialogue

  • -0.02 reputation with Therapist

It is a pity that you listened to this Jaeger instead of the voice of reason. Sanitar with his knowledge and medicines could’ve helped us in many ways. He wasn’t a saint, but surely everyone has a chance to atone for their sins, but you have took away that chance. I am very displeased with you.


If you would like to stick with Therapist for some apparent reason of yours and don’t want complete Jaeger’s quest (The Huntsman Path – Sadist), then one of the best places to find those is in Sanitar’s office on Labs. To open his office, you would need a Keycard with a blue marking. You will likely get all of the stimulants in two runs if you manage to survive.

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