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Escape From Tarkov “Database – Part 1” Quest Guide

Database – Part 1 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Ragman. It asks you to obtain Goshan, OLI and IDEA cargo manifests on Interchange.

Escape From Tarkov Database – Part 1 Quest Details

Database – Part 1 quest image


Database – Part 1 Quest Dialogue

Oh, hey there, brother, I’ve got a nice idea: just imagine how fucking awesome it would be to have info on Ultra’s cargos. What was being shipped, where, and in what amount, you know. I used to work with records like these myself. Don’t think there are any manifests for the small shops, plus they most likely were run by slackers, but the larger stores and retail chains definitely kept their records. Check out Goshan and other supermarkets, like OLI and IDEA, the docs must be somewhere in the offices. It would be mighty cool if you found some.


  • Obtain the Goshan cargo manifests on Interchange
    • Hand over the Goshan cargo manifests
  • Obtain the OLI cargo manifests on Interchange
    • Hand over the OLI cargo manifests
  • Obtain the IDEA cargo manifests on Interchange
    • Hand over the IDEA cargo manifests


  • +8400 XP
  • ~30,000 Roubles
  • +0.03 reputation with Ragman
  • 1x MSA Sordin Supreme PRO-X/L active headset
  • 1x Army cap
  • 1x Lower half-mask
  • 1x RayBench Aviator glasses
  • 2x Malboro Cigarettes
  • 1x Crickent lighter

Reward Dialogue

Got all three? Big thanks for that, did a brother a service. These docs could help with so much, you can’t even imagine.


The quest wants you to visit all three shops in the ULTRA Mall on Interchange and collect the cargo manifests. The three shops mentioned above are, Goshan, OLI, and IDEA. Since the management fled away due to the conflict in the Norvinsk region, the forgotten cargo manifests are free for the taking. However, you have to be aware of other PMCs and Scavs surrounding the area.

Where exactly are the cargo manifests located? Worry not, as we collected a group of images that should help you pinpoint their location. You can find the images below, both from the map and close-up images from the documents.

Database – Part 1 Cargo Manifests Map Image

Goshan Cargo Manifest

OLI Cargo Manifest

IDEA Cargo Manifest

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