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Escape From Tarkov “Farming – Part 4” Quest Guide

Farming – Part 4 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Mechanic. The task requires you to Find Graphics and CPU Fans.

Escape From Tarkov “Farming – Part 4” Quest Details

Farming – Part 4 Quest Image

Farming – Part 4 Quest Dialogue

Yesterday, as I was installing a reflex sight onto an M4, I spotted some weird local on the monitor, he seemed to be praying. He painted different signs on the wall and on the floor, then walked into the middle of the circle these symbols formed, and started placing weapons there. To be honest, it didn’t even look strange, it made perfect sense to me. It’s natural for people to offer the most valuable things they have to their gods, and these days it’s weapons. Those are cultists, you might’ve already encountered them. I have enough power capacity for now. Look for some more graphics cards and coolers. And thanks for the package, by the way.


  • Find 3 Graphics cards in raid
  • Hand over the GPUs
  • Find CPU Fans in raid
  • Hand over the CPU fans


  • 8,000 XP
  • ~300 Euros
  • +0.02 reputation with Mechanic
  • 1x Glock 17 9×19 pistol Viper
  • 1x Silicon tube

Reward Dialogue

Ah, you’ve returned. I’ll try to assemble them till nightfall, thanks. I know, it’s really hard to find such electronics during these hard times, but I didn’t doubt you.

Farming – Part 4 Task Guide

This guide depends on your personal gameplay. Chads would rush Interchange to find the three graphics cards, while rats would most probably try to craft their remaining GPU in their Hideout. Why so? Because two GPUs you can get from quests. Technically said you would need only one to find in raid.

GPUs can be found on Shoreline, Interchange, Reserve easiest. They can also be found in hidden and buried stashes, inside PC cases, and static spawns.

Shoreline GPU spawns

Keep in mind that the rooms in Resort are locked and you would need the respective keys to unlock them.

  • East wing room 222, East wing room 328, and East wing office 107
  • West wing room 216, West wing room 301
  • Storage room in East Wing
  • Office on the second floor of Admin Building
  • The second floor in weather station where the server is located.

Reserve GPU spawns

  • RB-AK key room, RB BK key room, RB-VO key room.
  • Black Bishop can also spawn ones in different rooms as a static spawn.
  • It can spawn in Black Knight, first floor 3rd room.

Interchange GPU Spawns

  • In Stores
    • Tehno
    • Techlight
    • Rasmussen
    • German
    • TTS
  • Idea Office in the storage room behind the PCs
  • Shelf inside the office room with PCs inside Power Station
  • In the Emercom Medical Unit (Requires Emercom key to unlock)

Customs GPU Spawns

I wouldn’t suggest you go fishing for GPUs on the other maps, but if it makes some kind of difference, then I’d say just open your eyes whenever you go. For example:

  • Customs first floor dorms on the bed next to the laptop.
  • Under the desk with the two PCs in the green screen room.
  • In the room with key in Gas Station
  • Grocery shelf Gas Station (can also spawn other hot items)
  • In the offices of Big Red building

Graphics Card Crafting

As mentioned above, the Graphics Card can be crafted in Intelligence Center 3 in your hideout.

  • 1x Graphics Card can be crafted for
    • 8x Printed Circuit Board
    • 8x PC Cpu
    • 2x CPU Fan
    • 2x VPX Flash storage module
    • 1x Ratchet Wrench

As for the CPU fans, you can find them approximately at the very same spots as mentioned above. Just keep looting PC cases, as it is a common spawn inside of them as well. Good luck!

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