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Escape From Tarkov “Health Care Privacy – Part 4” Quest Guide

Health Care Privacy – Part 4 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist. It becomes available after Health Care Privacy – Part 3. The quest instructs you to reach the required Health skill level to 4, which is most likely done with a natural gameplay. The quest leads to Health Care Privacy – Part 5.

Escape From Tarkov Health Care Privacy – Part 4 Quest Details

Health Care Privacy – Part 4 Quest Image

Health Care Privacy – Part 4 Quest Dialogue

Good day, young man. The degree of your deftness never ceases to leave me in admiration. Naturally, I wouldn’t want you to fall ill, so health before everything. I forgot to warn you that you have to be careful with the blood samples you brought. I hope you haven’t cut yourself… and have washed your hands. Although, who knows how long it has been exposed to sun, wind, and whatnot. In any case, I would still advise you to pay attention to your health, otherwise, it all might end before we evacuate the people and ourselves from Tarkov.


  • Reach the required Health skill level to 4


  • +6000 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • 2x Grizzly medical kit
  • 2x Bottle of saline solution
  • ~30,000 Roubles

Reward Dialogue

Good job, stay in good health. And I also recommend washing your hands regularly, if there is a possibility, of course.


There’s nothing, in particular, that needs to be assessed to guide you to get to Health Skill Level 4. Instead, I should just encourage you to play the game without showing a sliver of fear. By the time you reach this quest, you should already be at Health level 4 and above.

For those who didn’t know, the Health Skill in Escape From Tarkov provides the following:

  • Health speeds up the recovery from the damage sustained in the raids, decreases the probability of fractures, and lowers the energy and dehydration rate.
    • Decreases chance of fractures
    • Decreases energy consumption
    • Decreases dehydration rate

Hence, playing the game with your PMC and suffering from fractures, energy loss and dehydration should work towards Health Skill boost.

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