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Escape From Tarkov “Health Care Privacy – Part 5” Quest Guide

Health Care Privacy – Part 5 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov and it’s given by Therapist. The quest becomes available after completing Health Care Privacy – Part 4. The quest asks you to deliver 3 packs of Gunpowder “Kite” and stash them in a designated spot on Nighttime Factory. This is the last quest in the Health Care Privacy series.

Escape From Tarkov Health Care Privacy – Part 5 Quest Details

Health Care Privacy – Part 5 Quest Image

Health Care Privacy – Part 5 Quest Dialogue

Blood is a good source of information. Not as good as proper paperwork of course, but still good enough. It’s been a while since I did my last research. I was assisting an intern virologist with his thesis. Feels like it was yesterday, and at the same time so long ago. When the Internet was invented, it made it much easier to exchange information, even with colleagues from other countries. I miss this opportunity now to sift through the Scopus database, I am pretty sure that it has the answers to my questions, emerged after that blood sample research. Where could one possibly find access to the web now, you ask? To address this issue, I was advised to contact the one going by the name of Mechanic. As it turned out, he has access to the Internet, and it’s even relatively fast. I’ve asked him to look up the necessary articles for me. He asked for a small fee for his services, in the form of gunpowder, for whatever reason. It looks like he’s supplying someone with ammunition or something like that, but I am not really interested in that. Most importantly, he will provide the information we need. Find what he asks for, and leave it at the specified spot in the Factory. He asked to stash the cargo on the third floor in one of the locked doors. The door is quite fragile, as he said, so you can break it open without a key. The place is swarmed with Scavs in the daytime, so it’s best to do it at night.


  • Locate the drop spot on night-time Factory
  • Obtain 3 packs of Gunposder “Kite” and stash them in the designated spot


  • The 3 packs of Gunpowder “Kite” can be acquired from the FLEA Market, and by this time you should already have access to it.


  • +7300 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • 1x Medicine case
  • ~35,000 Roubles

Reward Dialogue

Nicely done, Mechanic has received the propellant. Thank you.


The quest instructs us to head to Nighttime Factory and deliver the 3 packs of Gunpowder “Kite” at the right spot.

Required Items

  • 3x Gunpowder

As the quest dialogue says, the door where these should be placed it’s locked by default and can only be breached. It’s located on the third floor in the offices’ area. For better clarification, check the images below:

The images are taken during daytime Factory for better eyesight, so make sure you do not make a mistake when starting a Factory raid.

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