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Escape From Tarkov “Informed Means Armed” Quest Guide

Informed Means Armed is a quest in Escape From Tarkov. The quest is available at Skier at level 24. It instructs you to install cameras around the Norvinsk region, more precisely in three different precincts.

Escape From Tarkov Informed Means Armed Quest Details

Informed Means Armed Quest Image

Informed Means Armed Quest Dialogue

Oh, whassup! Let me tell you something. I settled in around here nicely, but something just doesn’t feel right anyway. I mean, there’s no confidence about what tomorrow may bring! Forget it, I just caught some sads … Anyhow, I’d like to stay well-informed about what is happening in the neighborhood to feel more at peace. I’ll give you a hint of some shady spot where I’d like to install some smart cams. I’m not good at this stuff, so my boys will explain the details. The cameras can be found at the Mechanic’s, he used to sell them. Obviously, not a word to him about our business.

Initial Equipment

  • WI-FI Camera
    • After accepting this quest, you will be able to purchase a WI-FI Camera from Mechanic LL1.


  • Install a WIFI camera to watch the sawmill dock on Woods
  • Install a WIFI camera to watch the road to the port on Customs
  • Install a WIFI camera to watch the KIBA Arms Store entrance on Interchange


  • +14000 XP
  • +0.05 reputation with Skier
  • ~50,000 Roubles
  • AKM/AK-74 FAB Defense UAS stock
  • 4x AK 5.56×45 CNC Warrior muzzle device adapter
  • 1x EOTech Vudu 1-6×24 riflescope

Reward Dialogue

All this tech is clearly not for me, picture is hazed and the signal is shit, but I’ve already spotted some “fat rats”. Thanks, huge help!


The quest asks us to go to Woods, Customs, and Interchange. The order of the maps is not important, and you can go wherever you decide to go first. To complete this quest however, you need to have a WI-FI Camera with you.

Required Items

  • 3x WI-FI Camera
    • You will need 1 camera for each map

Woods, Customs, and Interchange Locations


The location to place the camera is down south, on the shore next to the lake. We’ve marked the place in the images below.


The camera should be placed on the wooden planks in Brutal, just across the KIBA store.


The camera should be placed in the bushes between the containers and the shack.

Your life isn’t important during this quest, and if you die your progress will remain vital. Just make sure you stick the action button for 20 seconds and place the camera successfully.

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