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Escape From Tarkov “Signal – Part 2” Quest Guide

Signal – Part 2 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Mechanic. The quest asks you to collect a variety of tech items and hand them over to him. It becomes available for pickup after completing Signal – Part 1. It leads to Signal – Part 3.

Escape From Tarkov Signal – Part 2 Quest Details

Signal – Part 2 quest image

Signal – Part 2 Quest Dialogue

I promised to tell you about that “monster” from the other day. It was a failed controller, it flipped out and it sounded as if someone knocked at the door. That’s how we create fears for ourselves. Interestingly, if I didn’t go and check what that was, it would be turned off in 15 minutes by the shutdown relay. After that, it would be extremely difficult to determine the source of the night sound. That’s how all those stories from newspapers are born, I assume. I can bypass the signal jammers by reconfiguring their frequency without raising suspicion of their owner as if things are still the same as they were. I need a few electronics for this and I think you can help me with this. The materials must be found silently so no one would get to know about what are we working on, only God knows, who might be involved in this. Here’s the list of needed details, you probably know where to find them.


  • Find 3 PC CPUs in raid
  • Hand over the CPUs
  • Find 3 Rechargeable batteries in raid
  • Hand over the batteries
  • Find 3 Printed circuit boards in raid
  • Hand over the PCBs
  • Find 3 Broken GPhone smartphones in raid
  • Hand over the phones


  • +6700 XP
  • ~50,000 Roubles
  • +0.02 reputation with Mechanic


This quest is pretty straightforward. The easiest map to collect these items is probably looting PCs or looting tech stores in Interchange. More precisely at the following locations.

  • In Stores
    • Tehno
    • Techlight
    • Rasmussen
    • German
    • TTS
  • Idea Office in the storage room behind the PCs
  • Shelf inside the office room with PCs inside Power Station
  • In the Emercom Medical Unit (Requires Emercom key to unlock)

These items can also be found in:

  • Zip Bags or Sport Bags
  • Toolboxes
  • PC Cases
  • Filing cabinets.

Considering the number of items required is not that big, it should be fast to collect all of them in a couple of raids. Playing Scav is also beneficial, as it may spawn you with some of these.

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