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Escape From Tarkov “Signal – Part 3” Quest Guide

Signal – Part 3 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Mechanic. It’s available after Signal – Part 2.

Escape From Tarkov Signal – Part 3 Quest Details

Signal – Part 3 quest image

Signal – Part 3 Quest Dialogue

I’ve recently tried to build a neural network to control the cameras. Teaching it to differentiate between faces and look for matches in the database didn’t take much time. Then I wondered, what if we ever create a mind, which will realize itself, what it will be like? In the last many years of civilization, humans kept becoming more humane. They started treating each other better, started caring for nature, animals. An opinion was formed that principles of human duty go side by side with highly developed civilization and reason. Then, shall it turn out that the mind of the computer, which of course will very quickly evolve into an over-mind due to its high learning capabilities, will also be most humane at the same time? Interesting, right? But we need to deal with these pests already. Install suppressors on the antennas you found, and, just in case, another one on the tower, also there on the Shoreline.

Initial Equipment

  • Unlocks the purchase of Signal Jammer from Mechanic
  • 3x Signal Jammer


  • Place the Signal jammer on the first specified place on Shoreline
  • Place the Signal jammer on the second specified place on Shoreline
  • Place the Signal jammer on the third specified place on Shoreline
  • Survive and extract from the location


  • +8500 XP
  • ~30,000 Roubles
  • +0.03 reputation with Mechanic
  • 1x Remington Model 870 12ga pump-action shotgun
  • 40x 12/70 8.5mm Magnum buckshot

Reward Dialogue

Great, the signal is clear. The neural network works stably, I’ll try to find these vermins there.


  • Required Items:
  • 3x Signal Jammers

The quest asks you to head to 3 different locations and antennas and jam them. Two of the locations are reflected from Signal – Part 1, which means there is only one additional location to mark. You can find all of the locations in the images below, both map and close-up.

Once jammed, your progression is saved despite the instruction to survive and extract. Hence, if you die, you can continue from where you left off without needing to do the jamming part all over again.

Good Luck!

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