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Escape From Tarkov “Supply Plans” Quest Guide

Supply Plans is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist. It asks you to go on Woods and pick up a secure folder. A quick heads-up. This quest is tied to another quest given by Skier (Kind of Sabotage), as he eagerly wants to involve himself in getting the secure folder ahead of Therapist’s hands.

Escape From Tarkov Supply Plans Quest Details

Supply Plans Quest Image

Supply Plans Quest Dialogue

Hello, young man. Truly glad to see you. I have a very important assignment, not for everybody to take on. Will you take it? Then listen. Do you know the sawmill in the Woods? So, during the Contract Wars period, it was used as one of the makeshift backup supply bases for TerraGroup. And I am very interested in TerraGroup supply plans in this region. I think they should be somewhere on the territory as well. Try to search for the temporary quarters for workers – there should be a secure case for documents with a special symbol.


  • Obtain Secure Folder 0052 in the sawmill cabin on Woods
  • Survive and Extract
  • Hand over the Secure Folder 0052 to either Therapist or Skier.


  • 7500 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Therapist
  • 1x CMS surgical kit
  • ~80,000 Roubles

Reward Dialogue

Can’t stop wondering at the reliability of your services. Here is your cut.

Failure Penalty and Dialogue

  • -0.04 reputation with Therapist

Honestly, I did not expect that from you! With these plans, we could’ve found and sold—… Khm, sent food to civilians, but now all this wealth goes to Skier who’ll just vend it all for ten times the price! How could you team up with this scoundrel?


This quest can also be returned at Skier (Kind of Sabotage), which will give you different rewards.


The quest asks you to head to Woods and pick a Secure Folder. The folder is located in one of the wooden shacks at the Sawmill area on Woods. More precisely, the Secure Folder 0052 is located in the third Shack (marked with number 3 on its entrance). For a better overview, check out the images and explanation below.

The Shack or Barrack, call it however you want, looks as follows:

Wooden Shack no.3

Once you get inside, the secure folder 0052 is located under the bed. The quest item is covered with the blanked falling down from the bed, so make sure you tilt yourself a bit more to the right so you can see it. Check out the picture below:

Secure Folder 0052 under the bed.

I personally return this quest to Skier, as it feels a lot more beneficial in the long run.

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