Escape From Tarkov Queue Times Removed

Backend server infrastructure modernization leads to extremely low queues

Update: The first weekend after the infrastructure update and queues are lingering again. Considering it’s a weekend, this might be connected to server overload or even worse, if paired with another DDoS attack. Hopefully everything will resolve shortly.

With the 12.12 wipe and the arrival of Twitch Drops event, Escape From Tarkov had a pretty rough timeline. Server overload caused by immense popularity has put the developers on the brink of existence. Hence, the only way to counter the issues was to add a queue mechanic, which didn’t seem to be falling in favor of the players.

Luckily, yesterday, Battlestate Games announced an infrastructure update and modernization on its servers, hoping to improve the response and remove the queue times. Well, the update is now live, and we can notice that there is no longer a queue mechanic on the launcher, which imbues a relief.

Previously, the queues have been quite disturbing for the whole community, sometimes hitting up to 140k players at a time. That would be somewhere around 2 hours before you could play the game. It was even more brutal when all of that was paired with a server meltdown that would resolve in a kick from the game. A very tough condition for players to grasp, hence a little backlash was imminent. Well, as we said, that’s no longer a thing since Battlestate Games found a way to counter this, and hopefully forever.

We have started the modernization process of the Escape from Tarkov backend server infrastructure. The process will take approximately 2 hours, but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period. All players will need to download an update via the launcher afterwards.

The modernization process of the Escape from Tarkov backend server infrastructure is complete. No download will be required.

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