Ghost Recon Frontline Beta Gameplay Footage Leaked

It seems that the testing period for Ghost Recon Frontline is already ongoing as gameplay footage surfaces on the internet. Judging by its looks, this video material somewhat proves to be the official footage from the game. It seems that the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) has been once again been rudely avoided.

Ghost Recon Frontline is not just one simple team shooter. Instead, it offers a variety of game modes in which different approach is required. The game will have a large and varied roster of elite contractors to choose from, as well as an exploration into Drakemoor Island that’s filled with challenges. It also supports cross-platform play so you can compete against players on different platforms.

Aside from two main game modes, the game will also include a Battle Royale too. This game mode resembles the zany experience of Radical Heights, which in contrast is the only reason why players praise the leaked video material.

Update: Sadly, Ubisoft has taken down all of the leaked footage so far.

This version is the closed version of the game, which means it needs further polishing.

According to the guy that uploaded the gameplay footage on Reddit, Parzalai:

  • Game looks like poo, runs like trash on a 30 series card
  • TTK is really quick, half most the time I don’t have time to respond to 3rd parties
  • Recoil is similar to CSGO but worse
  • Maps are weirdly designed, I be hearing gunshots everywhere but cant face an enemy or just get shot in the map
  • Points in Control are suuuper annoying to get, takes very long to get stuff like a sniper, maybe Im just bad idk.
  • For some reason I hate the UI, just so chunky and hard to navigate.
  • Animations are bad, looks like an indie game, Ready Or Not has better sounds and graphics and animations. The many year long game is not an exception.
  • Control feel clunky, crouching sort of feels delayed, though the keybinding options are one of the best I’ve seen.
  • Overall, something about this game just feels suuuuper empty, doesn’t feel like COD, doesn’t feel like a Tom Clancy game, doesn’t feel like CSGO, or Battlefield – it’s a weird, icky hybrid of the many popular shooters. Customisation is great though ūüôā obviously the game isn’t out yet so time will tell what is done with this… Game.

If you haven’t missed the leak, what would you say about it?

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