Horizon Forbidden West Leaks Pouring In

Images and Story Spoilers Appeared on Social Media

Content such as images from early game quests and story information (spoilers) of Horizon Forbidden West have started appearing online. The game is just a month before release, and we see an entirely new phenomenon, with multiple factors claiming that the leaks contain the game’s final build.

At this moment, two images seem to be circulating the internet, including some story spoilers. In the first image, Aloy and Varl blend in with the environment while the subtitle text “How can we deal with him?”. In the other picture, there’s Aloy with Varl in the distance saying, “It’s clear.”

The leaked images first appeared on Reddit, leading to an Imgur link. You can find both of them below.

It’s not just the two images. Instead, there are more story spoilers that have been circulating on the internet, making Sony and Guerilla Games interact.

This is not the first occurrence for a PlayStation exclusive, as The Last of US 2 had the same fate. While everyone believes it’s a word about a leak, it might be the complete opposite and a strong tool to build hype a month before its release.

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