After Troubling Launch Issues, Lost Ark is Finally Live

Lost Ark surpasses server difficulties and goes live.

Update: Lost Ark, the highly anticipated MMOARPG, is finally Live! You can now jump in and set a foothold in the game you’ve been waiting for. As I like to say, Lost Ark is where Diablo meets WoW. With insane PvE and PvP action, Lost Ark will engulf you entirely in its beauty.

Lost Ark, the MMOARPG by Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG, is supposed to be already launched and running smoothly. The game is found, as I have a couple of friends who have managed to storm in, go through the character selection, and even start playing. Sadly, that’s not happening for everyone, as the servers are most definitely facing an overload. Only God knows how many people are trying to launch the game at this very moment.

Soon, we’re about to reveal the concurrent player number provided by Steam.

Lost Ark was the only game to snatch multiple game awards, the Korea Game Awards 2019, bringing it even higher on the podium of anticipation and eagerness. The NA and EU region cannot wait to try the game. Namely, Lost Ark promises a lot, and seeing a raid encounter in an ARPG is a first, at least for me. A type of high-end content that Diablo never had.

Lost Ark is a game with plenty of activities and quests available to keep you busy. You can choose from professions, end-game engagements, or anything in between! With an already established success in Korea and Russia, Lost Ark is seeking to amaze fans across the globe.

Once the game reaches February 11, we’ll finally have the whole picture of how many players are enjoying the most recent MMOARPG phenomenon, which became a reality thanks to Amazon Games.

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