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Apex Legends Sabotaged Olympus Map, Details, Early Patch Notes and more

Olympus map will face some renovations after the launch of Apex Legends: Defiance

With the arrival of Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kohere to Apex Games, it seems that significant changes are in store for the Olympus map. Today, Respawn Entertainment revealed how most of it will go down, including the sabotage of Olympus, providing Early Patch notes of the next Apex Legends season. Apex Legends: Defiance launches on February 8 on all platforms, and it has a lot of surprises in store.

In an official blog post, Alex Graner, the level designer on Apex Legends has revealed the company’s plans on redefining the Olympus map. According to him:

Following the design goals I implemented for World’s Edge second Map Update back in Season 6, we wanted to introduce some significant changes to Olympus, while also improving some of the pain points we’ve experienced and heard from the community.

Here are some of the design goals we identified for Olympus:

  • Expand the map, spreading squads out more so the map’s center area (Labs/Estates) isn’t the only go-to combat zone each game and reducing frequency of spontaneous 3rd-parties
  • Better rotational options to help players get around and out of dangerous choke points
  • New interactive map toy and play spaces to help attract players into the new areas, creating fresh new experiences for Olympus

If you would like to see about the detailed changes and the upcoming map changes, then make sure you head to the official website and read the lengthy article.

Other than that, some of the big content changes has also been broken down in pieces. You can find them below:

Apex Legends: Defiance Early Patch Notes

As posted on the official subreddit, the following changes are imminent with the launch of Apex Legends: Defiance. It seems that Caustic traps will also be changed.

Crypto Updates

  • To make Crypto more mobile/active, he will either be able to control his drone like normal, or he will be able to throw it in a straight line (similar to Ash’s tactical). It’ll automatically stop after a set distance. It’s quoted as a “slower Bloodhound hand”, but has the advantage of being able to stick to a wall and act as a webcam should if encounter one in its path.

Caustic Updates

  • Cautics traps will no longer be invincible once deployed, teams will be able to shoot a trap to activate it AND destroy it, even after its activated, to give enemies a fighting chance.

Weapon Changes

  • The Alternator will be rotating out of the care package, replaced by the Volt.
  • The Flatline and the Longbow will no longer be ground loot, but instead will be placed in the Replicator as craftable guns. Similar to care package weapons, these guns will start with a healthy amount of ammo. This was done to lessen the burden of there being too many guns in the ground loot pool.


  • Hammerpoint rounds return for the P2020 and Mozambique, but additionally you can use it on the Re-45 as well [Mod note: Disruptor round flashbacks].
  • Shatter Caps are changing, the shotgun spread will only apply to hipfire shots, and will be turned off when aiming down sights.
  • Additionally, there is a new hop-up, the “Kinetic Feeder” for the Peacekeeper and Triple Take, that activates while sliding and feeds ammo to those guns, shortening the amount of time needed to choke those guns.
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