Dying Light 2 Reportedly Sold Over One Million Copies on PC

According to unofficial sources, Techland’s parkour phenomenon has managed to reach a new milestone. With tons of positive reviews on Steam, the game’s success isn’t just a casual occurrence. Reportedly, SteamSpy has updated its page for Dying Light 2, claiming the game sold 1 million copies, and it’s currently waiting on its next big success of 2 million sales.

SteamSpy is a service that fetches individual profiles and data such as the games they own. Therefore, their numbers are sometimes known to be loose, considering the fact it doesn’t even record private profiles on Steam. This could also mean that Dying Light has sold over 2 million copies, but without official data by Techland, confirmations linger.

These numbers prove that the virus is no longer in control, and humanity is slowly being restored. But will it get its full redemption? Dying Light 2 had a very successful launch, gathering thousands of players under its wing in just minutes. Its success is likely to continue, considering the stable concurrent player number on Steam, nearly two weeks after the launch.

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