Everything you need to know about Elden Ring

In just four days from the time of this writing, FromSoftware’s upcoming action role-playing game, Elden Ring, will deliver its stature to the public. FromSoftware’s reputation lies in this genre, and it’s is well known for the development of Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne. So, let’s talk about Elden Ring for a bit and prepare for its release.

A Couple of Things You Need To Know About Elden Ring

The Dark Souls-like game tackles its notorious RPG mechanics set within a unique, sturdy open world. This is the first time FromSoftware delves into developing an open-world game, offering exploration, which was missing in the previous Dark Souls series. For a world of this caliber, without linear and staged progression, things are expected to be more entertaining than ever. Every new character level increase will be rewarded accordingly, which opens a path to widespread diversion and excitement. Something that speaks for the quality of the progression system itself.


Another vital piece coming to Elden Ring is the addition of the Easy Anti Cheat, which in my opinion, is one of the most reliable and effective anti-cheats in the world right now. Previously, we knew Dark Souls’ multiplayer counterpart wasn’t the shiniest in its category, but now everything seems to be different.

Character Progression

At first, players will be available to choose from different classes from the get-go and then complete their redemption by achieving greatness. Each time you upgrade your character level, you will have an opportunity to increase the following stats:

  • Vigor – Increases HP and Fire and Poison resistance
  • Mind – Increases FP or mana pool, adds resistance to sleep and madness
  • Endurance – Increases stamina, physical defense, resistance to hemorrhage and forstbite
  • Strength – Increases Physical damage and total weight of equipped items
  • Dexterity – Increases physical damage and reduces spell casting time and fall damage
  • Intelligence – Increases magic attack and defense
  • Faith – Provides scaling of Incantations
  • Arcane – Increases the odds of finding items on dead enemies, adds resistance to Instant Death and Sorceries, Provides Scaling of Incantations

Having to choose from plenty of stats, your preference will be vital for your character development. A diverse set of builds will be available at your disposal, and your actions will be crucial in character development.


Unlike the previous FromSoftware series, you will be able to co-op with up to 4 players. Everyone can summon a friend in need of help. This will all be escorted with new interface elements for better clarity and gameplay experience. PvP will be a part of the open world, but those who do not want to involve themselves in such encounters will have the option to stay off the radar.

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