Elden Ring Reviews Pouring In Hot

Astonishing but familiar, as most say.

FromSoftware’s embargo was lifted so the reviews started pouring in. Most of the media who had an opportunity to delve into the experience and taste what Elden Ring feels like, have now started posting their personal early review scores. Judging by them Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s successor to the Souls series.

Below you can find plenty of early review scores posted by media who as we said before, had the opportunity to experience the new features and mechanics. Some of them say that it’s the easiest game to understand compared to the previous Soul Like games developed by FromSoftware.

Early Review Scores for Elden Ring

Everyone’s expectations have been surpassed. The early review scores state a lot about the game itself, and it seems that they’re sky high, no matter where you read them.

  • PCGamesN 10
  • Eurogamer “Essential”
  • VG247: 5/5
  • Game Informer 10
  • RPG Site
  • IGN 10
  • Destructoid 10
  • TheSixthAxis 10
  • GamesRadar 5/5
  • VGC 5/5
  • ScreenRant 5/5
  • Hardcore Gamer 5/5
  • Well Played 10/10
  • Shacknews 9
  • MetaCritic 98
  • OpenCritic 98

Elden Ring is a game about exploration and discovery. Why you may ask? Well, because it adds that sense of wonder to every player, and visiting a new area would be more than amusing for you. Whether it is an overhype or a completely reasonable grading, we’ll see in the coming period.

We were not given the opportunity to participate in the early review batch of reviews, but we’ll hopefully get to one day. Elden Ring is coming out tomorrow, and if you’re curious about the release times in your region, check this article here.

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