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Fortnite v19.20 Patch Notes

Servers are under maintenance for the deployment of patch 19.20

Fortnite servers are going under maintenance for the deployment of patch v19.20. While the official patch notes are scarce, judging by the official Fortnite Trello page, we can confirm that Epic Games has been working on a couple of bugs and known issues. Other than that, it’s not a miracle to see a new POI thrown on the map, similar to what Fortnite has been doing with its consecutive updates over the past period.

Epic Games has taken a completely new approach and is tailing its issues over at its official Trello page. As we said, we have analyzed the official Fortnite Trello Page, and the statements placed over there reveal the following fixes.

Fortnite 19.20 Patch Notes

Battle Royale Fixes

  • Games and points not counting towards tournament score
  • Spiderman’s Web Shooters drop with full uses from eliminated players.
  • When navigating to the Compete Tab, the cursor automatically takes you to the far right of all the tournaments.

Creative Fixes

  • Players respawning in the Creative Hub during games
  • Charge Shothun doesn’t save in Item Spawner

Save The World Fixes

  • Husks can damage objectives through player built structures in Deliver the Bomb
  • Toggle Harvester Tool button not working on consoles
  • Players not gaining access to Expeditions despite meeting the criteria to get them

Switch & Mobile Top Issues

Nintendo Switch

  • The Storm is not as dense and is more transparent on Nintendo Switch.

Alongside the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of entries that are under Investigation/In Development, which means they might also be addressed with 19.20. Any alteration or report by Epic Games on the 19.20 patch notes will be reflected in the list of fixes above.

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