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Fortnite v19.30 Patch Notes

Guided Rocket Missile, baby!

Fortnite has received a brand new patch today. Titled 19.30, this update focuses on improving some of the already known issues, adding new challenges, cosmetics, and more. One of the more surprising things in Fortnite’s Patch 19.30 is the new “Homing Rocket” missile, which according to dataminers is a reference to an item. Therefore, I’d like to ask you, do you remember the Guided Rocket Launcher back in the early days of Fortnite?

The server maintenance is over, and patch 19.30 is currently live. While Epic Games hasn’t provided an official batch of patch notes, I’ve decided to collect the data provided both from dataminers and the official Fortnite Trello page. Below you can find everything added in patch 19.30.

Fortnite Patch 19.30 Notes


Battle Royale

  • Tents only have Two Slots for some players.
  • “Get Eliminations with an Assault Rifle” is marked as complete but stays in the quest log.
  • Spiderman’s Web Shooters drop with full uses from eliminated players.

Save The World

  • Players not gaining access to Expeditions despite meeting the criteria to get them.

Switch & Mobile Top Issues

  • Double tapping a Build Piece icon is not working as intended.
  • The sliding/Crouch button does not appear while gliding on Mobile.

New Content, Items, Challenges etc.

  • New “Homing Rocket” missile being added to the game.
  • Load into the Lobby in Fortnite – Game Mode Select Screen Removed
    • With this week’s v19.30 update, Epic Games removed the initial game screen (which appeared on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC) where players would select either Save the World, Battle Royale, or Creative. You’ll now boot up directly into the Lobby, ready to join the party and explore Fortnite!
  • Gyro Aiming and Flick Stick – additional options
    • Enable or disable gyro controls in the “Touch and Motion” tab of the settings. Do this by toggling “Gyro Aiming” to either on or off. When on, you’ll be able to control the camera by turning the controller. This can offer more precision than standard stick aiming, but it doesn’t have to replace it entirely – usually, players will still use the right stick for most camera control while using gyro aiming for finer adjustments that are difficult to do with a thumbstick.

Upcoming Wild Weeks

  • Avian Assault
  • Bargin Bin
  • Mobility
  • Bownanza

New Solid Gold Challenges

    • Loot chests in Solid Gold
    • Deal Damage to opponents in Solid Gold
    • Earn a Gold Victory Crown in Solid Gold
    • Collect Gold Bars in Solid Gold

New Horde Rush Challenges

    • Eliminate Cube Monsters
    • Get a team score of 500,000 in a single match
    • Earn a 50 Combo Chain

Last but not least, if you would like to see all the Cosmetics added in v19.30, you can check out iFireMonkey’s video below.

And that is how you do Epic Games’ job properly and let the players know about the most recent changes. Huge thanks to the data miners!

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