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How to get Gienah’s or Other Sailing Coins in Lost Ark?

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If you’re a passionate Lost Ark player and you’ve done all the islands and went out of Gienah’s coins before acquiring some important pieces mandatory for character progression or story, then worry not. I’ve listened to the cries needing a decent guide on how to get more Gienah’s coins, so we’re here to help you with that.

Gienah’s Coins and other Sailing Coins such as Sceptrum’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coin can be acquired by doing various island activities. So, if you have done all of the islands and converted the Gienah’s Coins for Pirate Coins by mistake, does that mean you are ineligible of earning more of these coins? No, not at all.

How to get Gienah’s or Other Sailing Coins in Lost Ark?

Even if the game whirls you in a sketchy outcome with you converting most of the Sailing coins for Pirate Coins, there’s still hope for you to get more Gienah’s Coins on a daily basis. There are more ways to acquire them besides the Island activities, and some of them are by using the Procyon’s Compass., while others are acquired from vendors or co-op activities. Below you can find all of the methods revealed so far.

What is Procyon’s Compass?

The Procyon’s Compass is unlocked after completing the main story quest and hitting the open seas in search of the other Lost Arks. The Procyon’s Compass is a mighty gadget, and here’s why:

The Procyon’s Compass shows the daily adventure opportunities that may provide extra Sailing Coins. Therefore, there’s no need to be sorry, but a bit frustrated because you didn’t know about this. The Procyon’s Compass grants you the opportunity to check for various activities across Arkesia. Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, or Adventure Islands, you name it. One of them is a daily activity that gives you precisely these Sailing coins.

How to use the Procyon’s Compass and get Gienah’s Coins?

Open the Procyon’s Compass by clicking on the compass icon under your minimap.

Then, another window will pop up, showcasing the activities you can participate in.

As you notice, there’s an adventure on the far right side that will occur on Lagoon Island. It includes a Sailing Coins reward, which chest-opening allows you to choose from all five Sailing currencies. Finish the task, get the reward, claim the Gienah’s or other Sailing coins. There you go, all done.

These daily tasks reset every day at 11:00 o’clock, which means you can gather your Gienah’s Coins for in-game acquisitions in just a couple of days.

Gienah’s Coins from Stronghold Vendors

The vendor location in your Stronghold is not a joke. These vendors should be checked on each rotation, as some of them might be offering some of the collectibles mentioned above, even if in small amounts (check the image below). They can be traded for Raid Seals, which can be acquired by doing Raid Dispatch missions in your Stronghold.

Sailing Coins from Arkesia Grand Prix Vendor

Thanks to the recent update, you can also gain these from the Grand Prix Vendor in any major city. The vendor is usually located close to where the event begins, so make sure you head to his exchange tab.

Sailing Co-Op Activities

Take a look at your calendar for Sailing Co-Op Activities. These occur on islands across Arkesia, that are available only during the time of the event. Some of them hold decent among of Sailing Coins such as Gienah’s, Arcturus, and others.

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