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How and where to unlock additional Skill Points in Lost Ark?

Skill points in Lost Ark are critical as they unlock that extra power your character needs. Skill points are more important than the gear score itself because they empower your abilities. Once you reach level 50, you have 252 skill points available at your disposal. But, they are not the final number, as more of them can be acquired in the wild.

In order to maximize one of your abilities, you will need to spend 48 skill points on it, which in contrast grant you beneficial ability perks that deal more damage, or CC, or whatever else they offer. Getting all of the skill points in Lost Ark will practically allow you to fully max out one additional ability of yours. Hence, having the maximum skill points is mandatory, especially if you’re preparing for raiding.

Where to get Extra Skill Points in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, there are additional 60 points available for grabs. Most of them can be easily acquired throughout the story, while others can be obtained by doing various island tasks and other events. So let’s take a look at how exactly you can acquire these powerful potions.

Before you keep on reading, you can check how many extra you have by just going in your Combat Skills by pressing “K” by default on your keyboard or heading to Character -> Combat Skills.

Continuing with the Main Quests

Once you get Item Level 460, then you can head to Rohendel, where you will pick up a purple Journey “Strange Mail” quest after you complete the main questline on the island. This quest will unlock your second Awakening ability, and will grant you a free skill point potion. Once you get to item level 600, you will be instructed to go to Feiton, where you will get your next skill point just as in Rohendel.

Important Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks are daily quests in Lost Ark. Each character from your roster has a chance to complete 3 of them daily with an opportunity of 4 if you decide to buy Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1 from Mari’s Secret Shop [F4] button on your keyboard. Some of these tasks offer Skill Point Potion, Vitality Potion, and other beneficial rewards that contribute towards your character progression. Collectibles such as Masterpieces and Omnium Stars. Other than that, they also know to offer leapstones and other honing materials.

Some of the most important Una’s Tasks you should do in the early game and reach its max reputation are the following:

  • Whispering Islet (The quests below will give you access to another Skill Point Potion and Vitality Increase Potion. Complete !The New Us! quest to continue with these Una’s Tasks.)
    • Whispering Minuet (Tier 1 Una’s Task)
    • Whispering Resonance (Tier 2 Una’s Task)
    • Whispering Harmony (Tier 3 Una’s Task)

Giant’s Heart

Other important !Una’s Tasks dailies are the ones that give you Giant’s Heart, because they can be traded at Minerva on Wisdom Isle. They can be found below:

  • Tooki Island (Rewards you 7th Giant’s Heart, Kindness Potion)
    • Taking on Tooki
  • Shadowmoon Market (Completing the following task 5 times will grant you access to !Alchemist Lychel’s Sneaking Ambition! quest leading to the Giant’s Heart reward.)
    • Super Secret Materials for a Super Secret Project
  • Azure Wind Island (Completing the task below 15 times will grant you the 11th Giant’s Heart and a Stat Increase Potion, including the Whistle emote.)
    • Ruffians in the Ground

Island Tokens

Getting 20 Island Tokens can easily give you 6 extra Skill Points. Acquiring the 20 Island Tokens may be painful and frustrating, but it pays out in the end if you plan on playing Lost Ark in the long run. Once you do that, you can go to Opher, The Lonely Island and talk to Granda Opher, and acquire the Greater Skill Point Potion.

This is exactly why doing Islands matters in Lost Ark, even if it’s the last content you want to participate in. Keep in mind that you would need to return the collected Island Tokens to the Statue of Goddess on Opher, The Lonely Island. If you have them in your inventory and try to acquire the reward it won’t work.

Tower Instances

Both of the Towers Shadespire and Fatespire grant an extra Skill Point Potion for completing certain floors. These increase your skill points by 1, unlike the one acquired for island tokens.

Shadespire is accessible for Tier 1 geared players, while Fatespire unlocks from 600 Item level and above. It also provides entertaining content, so I’d advise you to do these two whenever you can.

  • The first accessible potion in Shadespire is on Floor 2 with gear score requirements of 420, while the second is a reward for completing Floor 50 with a mandatory gear score requirement of 540.
  • The third accessible potion is on Fatespire Floor 20 with gear score requirements of 920, and the last one is on Floor 50 with a gear score requirement of 1040.

Floor 35 in both of the towers grants you Giant Heart, which can be used to claim rewards on from Minerva on Wisdom Isle.  There are 3 total Skill Points available for pickup from there. The first one is for 6 Giant Hearts, the Second one is for 10 Giant Hearts, and the third one is for 12 Giant Hearts. To see how many Giant Hearts you have, you can see them in your collectibles “ALT+L”.

Adventurer’s Tome

This might a bit too much, but if you’re committed to getting every single Skill Point Potion in Lost Ark 100%, then you need to follow the instructions of the Adventurer’s Tome. It holds information about every single mob that you need to kill to interact with and increase the completion percentage. Completing all of the continents might also be frustrating, but it pays out of you’re willing to min-max your character. Judging by it the following zones have Skill Point Potions available:

  • East Luterra at 70%
  • Shushire at 50%
  • North Vern at 60%
  • Rohendel at 70%
  • Punika at 80%

Each of these offer 3 skill points for a total of 15 skill points.

Completing 8 of the continents at 100% will allow you to collect 8 Ignea Tokens, which can be used for obtaining a Greater Skill Point Potion from the Ignea Token Exchange. This Greater Skill Point Potion will grant you 6 skill points, which is more than awesome.

If we missed something, please let us know in the comments below! That would be all for Skill Points in Lost Ark!

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