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How to Farm Chaos Dungeons Effectively and Get More Rewards?

If you want extra honing mats and additional gold income, then follow these steps.

If you’re deep into Lost Ark, you’ve probably opened Chaos Dungeons. It’s one of the most rewarding and exciting daily activities, considering the enormous hack ‘n’ slash feeling it brings to the table. Chaos Dungeons are most effective when done alone, so don’t try to matchmake. Just make sure you have the best AOE build you can get out from your class.

If you’re one of those minmaxers, you should pay attention to this, as it offers slightly more rewards than what you would get by doing a normal dungeon. The vital piece in this story is the last killing blow.

Method 1 – Important for the first two runs of the day

There are three different stages in Chaos Dungeons, with a possibility to get a random bonus that would grant you some extra rewards. This is how you exactly want to approach them:

  • Stage 1: Make sure you stop killing monsters at 16% and wait for the gate to open. Once it does, make sure you jump straight into it without killing the remaining mobs.
  • Stage 2: In this room, you will get the opportunity to kill 7 named monsters, and they should be your only priority. Killing the last one (silver on the minimap) will open the gateway to the next stage. In a best-case scenario, you get to the other stage at somewhere around 51%-53%.
  • Stage3: This is probably the most critical part of the run. Once you reach 98-99% of your kills, make sure you stop killing and wait for the remaining mobs to spawn. Once they are all on count, gather them around without killing anyone. Once gathered, use your awakening skill and try to kill them altogether. In this way, you will get around 1-3% extra rewards and can get up to 101%+ in percentage.

Important! Do not start a new run or leave the instance instantly! Instead, pick up the items that you killed from the last mobs.

Method 2 – Important after you finish the first two runs of the day

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that the following instructions are not for the first two runs of the day. Those should be cleared completely, or by using the first method.

Doing only the first two rooms of the Chaos Dungeons without entering the third (except if it’s a secret portal) is way more beneficial than entering the third. After killing the final boss in the second portal, don’t take the third one, leave, and re-queue. Doing this solo is much faster than doing it in a group with other players.

  • Stage 1: Kill the mobs and leave the room the earliest you can, 16-17% is fine.
  • Stage 2: Just as in the previous method, in the second room, you will get to tackle 7 named monsters. They are your priority because they can drop you extra crafting mats. Upon completing the second room, check if you have a secret portal, yellow or red-colored one. If yes, get in and clear it. If not, just leave the instance and re-queue.

This would not just benefit you in time, but will also grant you extra honing mats from the bosses in the second room. There are 7 of them, so make sure you prioritize them. This method gives you more T3 mats, which then you may replace for the ones that are not bound to you, and make a profit by selling them on the auction house for gold.

If you’re fishing solely for Shard of Purification, you shouldn’t be doing this at all and stick to the old farm. However, If you’re interested in getting more T3 mats such as Crystal Destruction Stone Crystal and Guardian Stone Crystal, hence converting them into gold, then this method is what you want to do.

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