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Lost Ark Tips and Fundamentals for New Players

Lost Ark has been a hot topic throughout these days because of its arrival to the NA and EU region. So far, launch in the western region consumed me from the inside out, so I am kind of behind on everything, but we’ll get there, eventually. This guide today will focus on a little player beginner help, and provide discussion about a couple of tips and tricks for newcomers.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

First and foremost, let’s start with the fundamentals. Mage, Martial Artist, Warrior, Gunner, or Assassin? What should you go for? Every class is viable, and we’ll tell exactly why?

Which class to play in Lost Ark?

Every class in Lost Ark is viable and does well. Well, it’s not the class and spec and its power, it’s more you and your reactions since you’re controlling the character, especially in PvP. In Lost Ark, classes have a subsequent specialization, compelling to a number of 15 to choose from, with no mistake about any of them. Why is that so? Lost Ark’s Game Director has stated numerous times that balance is their primary objective. There are new classes expected to arrive too.

Be Careful with Resources

Make sure you educate yourself about the main class that you’re willing to play. Resources in this game are quite valuable, and once you reach a certain level after getting to combat level 50, it becomes scary. Namely, once you reach to Gear Score of around 600, you should be careful of your next honing upgrades, since materials cannot be found that easily since most of the islands are one-per-character. You’ll end up using forcing yourself to create an ALT, and grinding them over there.

Adventure Tome Matters

Collectibles, cards, books, and whatnot. Collectibles are extremely important to developers coming from the eastern region, obviously. Your progression in each region in the game is rewarded, which you need to claim once you reach a certain level of success. Completing world events offer great rewards, and once you reach to that level, you shouldn’t miss them at all.

One of the most important Tokens in the game is the Ignea Tokens, which can only be acquired by 100% completing an entire region. Therefore, do not miss the Adventure Tome.

Rapport System

This is one of the features that can be compared to WoW’s reputation system, and it takes a long time to advance in it. It involves unique named characters across the whole world and indulging them all it’s obviously quite difficult. To increase your rapport level, you can do so by giving them gifts, emotes, playing your instrument, for which you’ll be granted a quest. Count it as a long-term investment that embodies a great relationship over the course of your game.

Before you take any of the actions, make sure you check the NPC and see what kind of rewards it may give you before you spend your gifts on it. Therefore, focusing on key NPCs might be more beneficial than just using it on whomever you like. These NPCs can also be the gateway to different Virtue stats, so I’d just think about them before I use everything on them.

Islands and Una’s Tasks

Once you reach the soft cap of level 50, you will then unlock the calendar at the top left of your screen, allowing to pay attention to events that are happening on a global scale. You’re being reported about the minimum required gear score and the place of the event. Skill Runes, Upgrade Materials, Cards, and other items can be rewarded for participating in such events.

Some of the islands offer one-time rewards, but there are plenty of them so you shouldn’t care about it. Also, you can always make an ALT and farm those resources you need for the main, vice-versa. A great filler content, especially if you’re bored.

End Game Content and Additional Rewards

Once you get to level 50, you will unlock Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons, each one of them providing a good amount of resources. Each one of them can be completed twice a day to get maximum rewards. Each one of the resources provided can be turned in for different Tier items. You can do that at a city vendor which operates with this currency, and you can choose anything between upgrade materials to pieces of jewelry.

Navigating across the world

Again, navigating across the globe is done by music. Yes, you heard me. You will learn plenty of those throughout the journey. For example, the Song of Return brings you back to your capital city of choice. Something like WoW’s Hearthstone, if you’re confused. Once you get to level 50, you will get to unlock the Bifrost option, which allows you to move between different save points for a small amount of silver. Combined with the Song of Return, you can basically have three places set across the whole island at any given time.

You can also navigate through islands by talking to the Ocean Liner NPC at the docks, instead of sailing with your ship, which usually takes some time. Getting to the docks is easy, and you can do so by opening the map and clicking on Ready To Sail. This will take you to your ship, which exiting will then deliver you to the docks.

The Song of Triport, is used to navigate yourself through an already unlocked Triport. This allows you to jump through different points at a certain zone, but you cannot go overseas with it. You can travel through these by opening the map, clicking on the Triport, and by the time your character finishes playing the Song of Triport you will be there.


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