New “The Witch Queen” Video Discusses Savathûn and Weapon Crafting

Bungie provides a 15 minutes long footage of The Witch Queen.

Bungie decided to provide more details about Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion throughout a new video. The video reveals information about its forthcoming expansion and dips into multiple segments of it, The Witch Queen. As it stands, it’s shaping to be one of the biggest and best expansions ever released for Destiny 2, so it’s expected to see its anticipation level grow.

Over this 15 minutes long video, the developers discussed Savathûn, which Throneworld is quite different from the others. In it, you will follow Savathûn to her Throneworld and battle through the campaign on Mars for a new Legendary mode that is far more difficult than before. The place will be filled with difficult enemies to beat. With scaling based upon how many players are in your party, this difficulty will only get more complex as you go!

Savathûn has gifted her soldiers with the powers of the Light. As the Knight you’ve struck down rises from the dead for the second time, a feeling of betrayal washes over you, and you can’t help but wonder: When the Light offers no shelter – no solace – where will you turn?

For the fanatics that cannot take their eyes off Exotic weapons and armor, do not despair. Bungie plans to release eight new Exotic weapons and six Exotic armor pieces. One machine gun fires up to 20 explosive projectiles, and another Parasite weapon will fireworms that deal increased damage each. Overall, a massive win for the designer of these and Bungie.

Another thing to point out is that Weapon crafting is the biggest attraction in this expansion, and we get a glimpse at how it works via this ViDoc. The video shows customized guns with perks that can level up according to your will.

You can check Bungie’s official website for more details on the coming expansion.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Launches on February 22.

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